Little Cypress-Mauriceville Battlin’ Bear Band returned from Colorado’s

Winter Park Music Festival with several new feathers in their already

festooned hats.


compete at the Festival and are rated similarly to their UIL

competitions. The Symphonic Band received a “First Division” rating and

trophy and the Jazz Ensemble earned an “Outstanding” rating and trophy.

Both were named “Best in Class” for their respective divisions. The Wind

Ensemble received a First Division rating and trophy and was named

First Runner Up for Best in Class in Class 4A Varsity.


to LCM’s Director of Bands, Steve Schoppert, “I am most pleased to

report that, whether onstage or off, our students upheld the honor of

LCM. Their behavior was exemplary. The kids ‘got it.’ They looked out

for each other and supported one another. In this, I am extremely proud

and gratified.”