Tuesday evening, Orange police were dispatched to the CVS store in the 2400 block of 16th St., in response to an assault.

Officer Theodore Hilyar arrived at the scene at about 8:46 PM, and met with Capt. W. Smith, who was already on the scene questioning the two subjects involved in the disturbance.

Capt. Smith had already identified the two as Angela Gilmore of Vidor, and Eric Dewayne Michael of Orange. Smith said that he observed Gilmore bleeding from the nose and holding a bloody tissue in her hands. Gilmore also told police that Michael had assaulted her in the parking lot of the store.

Gilmore told Capt. Smith that she and Michael, who she identified as her boyfriend, were walking from HEB when an ex-boyfriend pulled into the CVS parking lot and asked if she wanted to go get something to eat with him. At this time, Gilmore said an argument broke out between herself and Michael, and he struck her in the nose with a closed fist.

While officers were questioning Gilmore, they observed a package of meat protruding from Gilmore’s purse. She was asked if she had a receipt for the meat and she said she didn’t, that she was holding it for Michael.

Gilmore was asked to empty the contents of her purse onto the hood of the patrol car and she did. In addition to the meat, frozen shrimp and two unopened beer bottles were also inside her purse.

Gilmore continued to tell police she was holding the meat for Michael, which she told police Michael had taken from the store.

When Michael was questioned about the meat, he told police that a friend had given it to him.. He was then placed under arrest for family violence.

During the routine pat down of Michael, police found a package of meat inside the front waistline of his pants and another pack of meat in his pants pocket. Police also found a glass pipe in his sock. The pipe had burned brillo in one end. Officers recognized the pipe on site as drug paraphernalia.

Although no theft charges were filed in the incident, HEB’s store manager filed criminal trespass charges against both subjects.