Tuesday morning, Officer Theodore Hilyar, with the Orange Police Dept., responded to a soliciting call at Flying J Truck Stop. A complainant called police to say there was a woman on the parking lot, dressed in black clothes, soliciting.

Upon arrival, Officer Hilyar spotted a maroon car leaving the front parking lot with three occupants, and a woman matching the description of the suspect. Police verbally ordered the driver of the car to stop the vehicle.

Hilyar stepped from his vehicle and identified one of the occupants of the vehicle as Shilo Sheppard of Orange. She was wearing black pants and shirt which matched the description of the suspected solicitor.

Officer Hilyar checked through dispatch and that check revealed that Sheppard had a criminal trespass warning at Flying J Truck Stop that had been issued in October of 2010.

The second occupant of the vehicle identified himself as Brandon Troy Peveto. A check on Peveto, also of Orange showed him to have a warrant out of Orange Municipal Court for running a stop sign.

After receiving warrant information, Sheppard and Peveto were placed into police custody and transported to the Orange County Jail.

The complainant advised officers that she intends to pursue charges against Sheppard for criminal trespass.