An Orange man was arrested Wednesday night on possession of marijuana charges. Officer Weldon Smith, with the Orange Police Dept., was patrolling in the area of Barkins and 17th Streets when he observed a vehicle stop at the 17th St. intersection and sit for several seconds.

The driver then turned on the turn signal and turned onto 17th St. Officer Smith then pulled the vehicle over due to the fact that the driver had not activated the turn signal continuously for 100 feet before turning.

The driver of the vehicle, Lakirktrik Garrett of Orange, opened the door of the vehicle to talk to police. Smith noticed a strong odor which he knew to be marijuana coming from the vehicle. At this time, the officer asked Garrett to step to the rear of the vehicle. The passenger in the car, Zakeidra White was also asked to exit the vehicle.

Officer Smith advised Garrett that he could smell the marijuana coming from inside the car, and Garrett told police he had smoked some earlier.

Police searched the vehicle since there was such a strong odor of marijuana and at this time found what they knew to be a “blunt” cigar, which contained a green leafy substance.

Garrett told police that the marijuana belonged to him and he was placed under arrest at that time and taken to the Orange County Jail, where he was booked on a Class B possession of marijuana charge.