A Lamar University student was assaulted Thursday evening when she decided to take a walk before class. According to police reports, the student arrived to her class early and decided to take a walk due to the nice weather and to kill some time.

As the victim approached Farmer’s Mercantile, she observed an unknown white male, walking on the sidewalk toward her. The man was about 5’ 8” tall, weighing about 190 pounds. He had brown hair and blue eyes and was wearing torn blue jeans and a white t-shirt style undershirt.

Once they passed each other, the victim states she was grabbed on the elbow from behind and spun around. The woman recognized the suspect as the man she had just passed. The man pushed her against the wall along the front of the store and grabbed the back of her neck. The suspect then tore the woman’s shirt.

The victim stated that the man never said anything to her or grabbed her anywhere else, and that she was not caused any pain or injury.

The suspect ran away when he heard emergency sirens in the distance.

The victim told police at that time she ran back to Lamar and contacted campus security, who then contacted police.

Police searched the area for a suspect, but found nothing.