Police were dispatched to the Chateau Royale Apartments in the 200 block of 10th St. Thursday evening in reference to a suspicious black man knocking on doors. Upon arrival, Officer James Gillen was advised the suspect, who was later identified as David Young, got into a vehicle near the area of one of the apartments.

Officer Gillen observed the vehicle trying to leave the parking lot and made contact with the occupants of the vehicle. Due to conflicting stories, consent was requested to search the vehicle. Young consented to the search.

Three other people were also in the vehicle at the time of the search; Mindy Rachelle Briggs, the front seat passenger, told police there was no contraband in the vehicle when questioned.

As police began searching the vehicle, a small plastic baggy was located under the front passenger seat containing an unknown, unidentifiable tablet.

Police also found another baggy with six white tablets, recognized to be Alprazolam. The baggy was found on the passenger floorboard against the center console. Both bags were taken into custody as evidence.

Due to the medications only being in the area where Briggs was sitting, she was placed into custody for possession of a controlled substance.

Another passenger, Brittian Devaughn Francis was placed into custody for outstanding warrants out of Pinehurst Municipal court. His warrants included no operators license and no proof of liability insurance.

Young, and another passenger, Jacarl Duncan were identified and released from the scene without incident.

Briggs and Francis were transported to the Orange County Jail and booked.

While at the jail, Briggs stated that the unidentified tablets were Suboxone, a medication used to help fight chemical dependency, and that both medications belonged to her mother. She stated she did not want to provide a written report and would speak with a detective at a later time.