The moon is big and bright after being full Monday night. Good Friday and Easter arrives this weekend. The drought I talked about a few weeks ago gets worse by the day and no relief is in sight. Family gardens will suffer and crop yields will be off if rain doesn’t come soon. People should have sense enough not to burn with the dry, windy conditions but believe it or not, some people wait to see if Judge Thibodeaux will tell them not to. Some media outlets just loves the burn ban issue, it’s always top of the news. Over one million acres have burned in Texas and more will burn. Lets not let it be in Orange County.*****Governor Rick Perry appointed Courtney Burch Arkeen district judge of the 128th District Court. History was made as she became the first woman judge above justice of the peace in county history. Her appointment wasn’t a surprise, she had the inside track and we said so. All appointments are political and she was well connected.
Regardless it is a good appointment. Judge Arkeen is not only a very attractive lady; she’s also very intelligent. What she lacks in experience she will make up quickly. In almost every case, the lawyers I polled said that Courtney was a good choice and she will be an excellent judge. She was appointed to fill Judge Clark’s unexpired term and will eventually have to run for the office. Personally, I believe it would be a mistake to challenge her. I don’t know anyone who could beat her. I’ve been wrong before, I’ve always believed that judges shouldn’t have to run with a particular party affiliation. Judges don’t make a ruling according to if a person is Democrat or Republican. They shouldn’t anyway. Of course, that’s different in appellant court. Boy is it. *****Congrats to Judge Courtney and best wishes. *****Well, I’ve been out of pocket so my column may be short and weak but I invite you to come along anyway. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The President is on the road; the Congress will travel across the nation to spread their spin. The Tea Party goes so far to the right that they have fallen off the cliff; they threaten the Republican Party not to compromise. The very nature of government is compromised, from the Court House to the White House. Meanwhile Donald Trump is marveling in his newfound Tea Party popularity, stealing the lime light from Sarah Palin. Neither is really running for president, popularity is their goose that lays the golden egg so they feed it all the corn it can take. On the other hand, ego might get the best of the Donald and he’ll run as an Independent. Either way he’s an obstructionist to the Republican Party and the Democrats love it. *****Meanwhile, in the State House, plans for redistricting are being made. They will carve the state to their benefit but one thing that’s nearly a sure bet is that Orange County will have a new congressman. Brady will end up from The Woodlands north. Ideal for us would be to end up in the old Jim Turner district, where we’re the big stick. It’s more likely how ever; we’ll end up as stepbrother to Jefferson County. Not good but not as bad as being tied to Houston. *****High crude oil prices are the evil that will stop the economy from churning. It’s poised to take off but gas prices are a killer, are causing food price inflation. Have you bought milk lately? Prices on over 1,000 food items are up. The world oil market is setting all time record profits. It doesn’t cost anymore to produce $110 barrel oil than it does to produce $79 per barrel oil. It’s all profit. They’re kicking our sox’s off at the pump and our government pays them to produce the oil. The economy just can’t gain traction at $3.80 a gallon. The working class has to cut somewhere else just for “go to work” gas money. In ten years or less, Texas will be Democratic. Hard to believe you say? I might not be here to see it but there may even be an Hispanic governor. By the way, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez will run for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s United States senate seat. Watch how he runs, even against Dewhurst. Obama figures Texas will be in play as early as next year. This session could do the Republicans in with mis-management and short falls.


We were saddened to learn about the death of Joe LaGrappe, age 76, who passed away Tuesday, April 13. Joe was a good man, always willing to help anyone who needed help. Joe was the kind of fellow who found the good in people. We had known him many years, even before his wife Mary Hebert and his young daughter Ann drowned at the lake 50 years ago. His mother Eunice was a recognized poet and some of her works are still around. I run into some of her poems from time to time. Several years ago Joe married Barbara and they shared many good years. Joe was a good friend and I’ll never forget his kindness. Service was held Monday, April 18, at St. Henry Catholic Church. May he rest in peace. Please read obit.

12 Years Ago-1999

Last week, Judge Pat Clark had heart surgery in Houston, proof that he has a heart. He had a valve connecting to his heart that was leaking. They fixed the leak, he’s doing fine and coming home this week. He is supposed to be off the bench six weeks. My bet would be he doesn’t stay away that long. “Ear to the Ground” reports, in the Opportunity Valley News, is that what Judge Pat wants worse is his ever present pipe and a bag of tobacco. Meanwhile, Judge Pat’s son-in-law, Bruce Aven, hit a homerun for the Florida Marlins. Bruce is hitting .364 for the major league team. *****A few folks celebrating birthdays this week are Clint Belk, Joey Hebert, Paul Zoch, Darby Byrd Jr., Larry Buchman and Gus Harris. *****Fourteen years old Jenna Dunn is visiting folks in Bridge City while on spring break from Marian High School, in Framingham, Mass. She brought a classmate, Michelle Hefroan, who is enjoying her first trip to Texas and eating crawfish and Cajun food. The girls are visiting the Mark and Roy Dunns and sister Amber Dunn. *****Bridge City fireman David Sherman is named “Firefighter of the Year,” at the annual banquet and awards ceremony. Firefighter Carroll Leblanc was roasted. Ladies Auxiliary president, Melinda Morse, presented service pins to Shalinda Land for 5 years of service, Robert Mann, 10 years and Leblanc, 20 years service. Jeff Daigle was presented a gift. *****National attention was focused on Orangefield High School when ESPN and other national media carried the news that Eric Eshbach had set an all-time national high school pole-vaulting record with a vault of 17-9-3/4. To put the vault in perspective, Kyle White, from 4-A PN-G, is representing District 20-4A with a 13-6 jump. That’s 4 feet, 3 inches less than Eric’s. (Editor’s note: I may be wrong but I believe at the state meet he won with an 18 foot jump, but I’m not positive.) A good lick and a boo-boo. The Dallas Cowboys picked A&M Lombardi award winner, Dat Nguyen and Mike Ditka and the New Orleans Saints traded almost the whole team to get Ricky Williams. (Editor’s note: That did turn out to be a boo-boo. *****Bridge City coach Les Johnson issues a farewell statement. Excerpts from the statement went like this, “Special thanks to Roy Dunn, Mark Dunn and The Penny Record for their support of Cardinal athletics. Thanks to the business community for its fund raising support. A special thanks to Debbie Gregg and Lisa Faulk for designing and making the Cardinal flag and to Carolyn Ward for gathering the 1966 state championship football team. Above all, I want to thank all the athletes’ parents. Bridge City football fans won’t soon forget Bryan Bock, John Hoffpauir, Sam Carpenter, Jason Menard, Chad Hanks, Dathan Juneau, Jeremy Stolfa, Brian Finley, Taran Hebert, Jeremy Buckley, Nick Watson, Rhett Sanders, Curt Lucia, Joey Anderson, Zach Jeter, Daniel Kibodeaux, Brad Miller and Joey Platt. Also thanks to Kerry Strong, Colby Doucet, Jared Williams, Chris Collins, Toby and Trey Latiolais, Terry McGee, Joey Hebert, Matt Comer, Dustin Dennam, Kevin Norwood, Jeremy Simmons, Johnny Montagne, Clayton Harrison, Kevin Berry, Tony Lute, Chris Kennedy, Eric Bramblett, Bryan Wiggins and kickers Raun Bryant and Dom Colletti. It’s impossible to name all of the fine young men and great athletes I’ve ever worked with over the last four years. I wish new head coach Conway success here. We started something good, we are proud of the great seasons and the progress we made with the program in the past four years.” (Editor’s note: A bunch of baseball parents and a new superintendent did coach Johnson in. Football was dead and the stands empty before he came to Bridge City. *****William “Billy” Bishop passed away last week at age 50. Survivors include his parents Earl and June, daughter Heather and three brothers Mike “BooBoo,” Rick and Randall and sister Terry. Billy was a longtime volunteer fireman.


Brad Williams, Bill Broussard, Beverly Raymer, Donna Wiegreffe, Emory Webb, Ken Brown, Becky Atkins, Belinda Norman, Benjamin Ezell, Bonnie Short, Courtney Williams, Dana Hill, Virginia McNair,James Corley, Christian Dubose, Marshall Myers, Scott Fisher, Allison Rendall, Amelia Hollier, Brandon Fisher, Glen Prince, Jason Smalley, Linda Robinson, Nancy Rendall, Paul Zoch, Samantha Briggs, Jeremie Breaux, Kathie Stephson, Shaun McAlpin, Robert Schilicher, Sean Edgerton, Peggy Granger, Barbara Fuselier, Crystal McCarthy, Darby Byrd, Glenn Jeter, Jeff Fisette, Louise Savoy, Marriet Litton, Roberto Deleon, Bro. James Gilbert, James Gilbert, Pam Broussard, Julie Williams, Luke Domas, Stephen Russell, Christi Goodyear and Donna Lee.


Last week we carried the wedding story and picture of beautiful Jennifer LeBlanc, who wed our buddy Matt Degeyter on April 9. We failed to mention in the announcement the names of the bride’s parents and grandparents. We met her mom who furnished us the omitted information and I see where Jennifer gets her good looks and personality. Parents of the bride are Joseph and Jennie LeBlanc, grandparents are Jack and Velma Taylor, of Woodville, Francis LeBlanc, of Lafayette, the late Beverly LeBlanc and Basel Cassidy. We apologize for the omission. Best wishes to the young couple for a long and happy life together. *****Last week’s paper was a nice one but not without mistakes. Even though we try as hard as possible sometimes the gremlins get us anyway. The little creatures hide out in newspaper offices and from time to time they get us all. We omitted the names of the boys on the 1964 baseball team in the “Down Life’s Highway” column. We are rerunning the picture and names in an “Out of the Past” photo inside this issue. *****Can you believe April 21 marks one year since Mickey McNamara, 76, was murdered at his office. It’s also been a year since Joe Grossman, 91, died on the same day. *****People we know celebrating birthdays are, Jason Smalley, who is getting older as is Jeff Fisette. *** Also celebrating are Beverly Raymer, Rev. Paul Zoch and Christian Simonton. Our departed friend Helene Litton would have marked her birthday April 26.She is truly missed.***On Easter Sunday that great, old Cajun, Noland Devillier, will celebrate another birthday with the annual tradition of “Cochon de Lait” (roasting a whole young pig) on an outdoor pit. Noland don’t let any grass grow under his feet. Being in his 80’s is just a number to him. We wish this unique guy a very special day.*** FaceBook friends having birthdays this week are Theresa Lieby, April 20, our very longtime friend Joy McNamara, April 21, Adrienne Colletti Platt, April 22, also Joseph Jackson.***April 23, Lacy Rutledge celebrates.***Our buddy and fellow columnist, Dickie Colburn, the fisherman’s fisherman, is a year older on April 24 and so is Ida Schossou. Best wishes to all.*****Gen. Douglas MacArthur made his famous quote to congress 60 years ago, April 19, 1951, after President Harry S. Truman relieved him of his command. MacArthur said, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”******Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically this year. Taxes are down to 17 percent from 26 percent, plus with loophole deductions some super rich end up paying very little.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch meets at Novrozsky’s this week and back to Robert’s next. Everybody welcome.*****I understand the old pilot Mike Trahan hosted a West Orange High School reunion at his dad’s old place. The big barn out back drew a big crowd. The trees Crip planted years ago are very large now. Crip would be proud of how the old place looks. He was always proud of Mike and so are we. The reunion was for the 1957 to 1977 West Orange Chiefs. People attended from around the U.S.*****April 20th marks one year since the BP Gulf explosion and oil spill. The blowout killed 11 Deepwater Horizon rig workers and unleashed the nation’s worse oil spill leading the government to halt deepwater drilling for five months and brought new offshore regulations. Companies must now prove they have plans and equipment in place to prevent another disaster in the Gulf. It’s a lot safer than it was before. What environmental harm was done? Scientists think the Gulf should recover by the end of 2012. Oyster beds could take longer. What became of the nearly five million barrels of oil spilled? We may never know the answer to that but it seems the spill was not nearly as bad as predicted one year ago. I believe the government response had much to do with that.*****Happy 51st. wedding anniversary to our longtime friends Lou and Kathy Garriga who celebrate on April 23. Continued best wishes for good health and happiness.*****Few people realize that on April 29, when Prince William of Wales marries Catherine “Kate” Middleton, it will be the 30th anniversary of a similar royal marriage. William’s father and mother, Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married on July 29, 1981.*****Judge Janice Menard set a $500,000 bond on Horace Dempsey, 18, charged with aggravated assault of his grandmother, Sylvia Vaughns, age 51. He nearly beat her to death, stole her car and took his girlfriend and her two-month old baby for a joy ride to Miami where he was arrested. Anyone who would beat a woman is sorry but to nearly kill your grandmother is the worse kind of low life. I hope when he gets to prison, he gets his ass whipped everyday.*****On Wednesday, April 20, a new head coach will be hired at West Orange-Stark. Coach Cornel Thompson has the inside track.*****Tuesday night the Bridge City Lady Cards beat West Orange-Stark 7-2 making their district record 10-0. They have a bye in the bidistrict round and advance to the area round on May 2.*****Closed, shutdown, door locked, all non essential government offices will be closed for Good Friday. Many other businesses, banks, etc., will be closed also.*****Former Bridge City baseball stars Casey Jackson and Eric Matthews were spotted at the Bridge City Silsbee game. Casey is attending the police academy and Eric is a Lamar student. *****Congrats to Denise Simmons, named Bridge City Chamber “Employee of the Month,” and to “Just for Kids Day Care,” chosen “Business of the Month.”*****We understand Alice Cole, Don’s wife, has been under the weather. The kids are looking after mom and dad. Our prayers go out to Ms. Alice.


On April 20, Carmen Electra will be 39; George Takei will be 74; Don Mattingly, 50; Jessica Lange, 62 and Joey Lawrence, 35.***Queen Elizabeth II will be 85 on April 21; Iggy Pop, 54; Tony Danza, 60 and Charlie O’Connell, 36.***Jack Nicholson will be 74 on April 22; Peter Frampton, 61 and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 45.***Lee Majors will be 72 on April 23; James Russo, 58; Michael Moore, 57, Valerie Bertinelli, 51; George Lopez, 50 and John Hannah, 49.***On April 24, Shirley MacLaine will be 77; Barbra Streisand, 69; Kelly Clarkson, 29 and Cedric the Entertainer, 47.***Al Pacino will be 71 on April 25; Hank Azaria, 47; Renee Zellweger, 42 and Jason Lee 41.***Carol Burnett will be 78 on April 26; Jet Li, 48; Tom Welling, 34 and Channing Tatum, 31.


I get an email from cussin Sostan. He say, Tee-Man Comeaux’s wife Ella Mae passed away da utta day. Tee-Man was home alone and didn’t know what to do him. After feeling for her pulse and finding none, he call 9-11. Da operator answer da phone and he say, “Lookie here, my wife Ella Mae, she done died her.”
Da operator say, “Okay Mr. Comeaux, I’ll send some one rat out me. Where you live hanh?”
Tee-Man say, “Mais, I live at da end of Eucalyptus Road me.”
“Can you spell dat for me please,” da dispatcher axe.
Tee-Man don’t say nuttin for a long time, den he finally say, “Look here, how about if I drag Ella Mae over to Oak St. and you can pick her up dere?”


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