In 2009, Mike Langley, a detective with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, started looking for ways to get back into shape and began training for marathon-style runs in different places across the country. In 2010, bored with traditional runs, he went on his first “mud-run,” and it got him thinking:

Why couldn’t one of these be done in Orange?

“I was doing these mud-run, obstacle courses and I started thinking of ways that I could beef them up and make them better,” Langley said. “I knew if we did one in Orange, we would have to put together one hell of a show to get people to come to a smaller community. These things are very marketable deals.”

So, Langley began planning what is now being called “You’re Still Alive, Now Survive” run along with his wife, Jenny, and his sister, Nakia. The event will take place this April 30 and May 1 in the field located at the corner of Dupont Drive and Highway 87 between Orange and Bridge City.

“It is going to be a three-and-a-half mile, 20 obstacle course,” Langley said. “We’ll have the obstacles spread out along the course so that the runners can catch their breath from the run.”

Some of the obstacles will be things like tires and hay bales, but Langley has also brought in pieces of an old plane and a boat washed ashore during Hurricane Ike.

“I remember crossing the Rainbow Bridge and seeing that boat washed ashore at (Esther’s Cajun Seafood and Steaks restaurant) and thinking that I’d really like to climb that thing,” he said. “So I contacted owners John and Esther Benoit and told them about the event I was planning. They were onboard with it, as they knew it would bring in business to this area. This field we are holding this event in is owned by the Benoit’s as well.”

Langley said that they have already had enough registrations to ensure that the event will take place again next year, as 1500 people have already signed up.

“We have 300 people registered from more than one state away,” he said. “We have them coming in from North Carolina, Nebraska, Washington state, Washington D.C., and California. We also have a lot of people from around Texas and Louisiana. And, the thing is, we have only been getting local sponsors and most of our advertising was just done locally and by ourselves online.”

Langley said that they are expecting rain next week, but if it doesn’t they plan to have water pumped in.

“There will be mud everywhere on the course,” Langley said.

Even for those not wanting to do the mud-run, there will be other things available, Langley said.

“We’ll have vendors set up in the middle of the field and there will music and entertainment,” he said. “We will also have a place for kids to launch water balloons at the participants while they are climbing the boat obstacle.”

The $60 registration will be left open until Friday, April 29, Langley said. Go to for a list of the local sponsors and for more information.