An Orangefield teen who was accused of shooting his mother in February, has been released from a juvenile detention center by Judge Troy Johnson, County Court at Law 2.

The juvenile was released to the custody of his father and will reside in north Texas. He will be required to wear an ankle bracelet to monitor his movement, and must report to Orange County Juvenile Probation on a daily basis. The contact will be via closed circuit camera.

Judge Johnson said that he “had sincerely hoped for a June or July trial in this matter, but it became evident that a summer trial was not a realistic goal.” “Evidence collected by law enforcement has been submitted to a crime lab but authorities are still waiting for the lab to begin testing and analysis”, Johnson added.

The juvenile’s release was conditional according to Judge Johnson, after the boy’s attorneys requested he be released. Prosecutors felt he should remain in custody. The release came after testimony from the boy’s father and the victim’s mother, and sister.

The boy, whose name is not being released due to his age, was listed as Lisenby’s 14 year old son. He was taken into custody march 2 when family members turned him over to authorities.

The name of the juvenile has not been released due to his age yet the 14-year-old son of Lisenby was taken into custody on March 1.

Staci Lisenby had been found shot in the back of the head in her home on Oilla Rd., in Orangefield, on Feb. 20.