Friday morning officers Pruitt and Tyson were dispatched to the 3300 block of Ridgemont, in reference to a female complaining of assault. Upon arrival, officers met with the female and a resident, London Guy Chavis. Both were both blaming assault on the other, but neither wanted to file charges on the other.

While at the scene, officers asked Chavis for permission to check inside his apartment and was given consent. While inside, police observed a small amount of what appeared to be marijuana on a table.

Officer Tyson asked Chavis to see his ID, but the officer was told that the ID was in Chavis’ safe. Chavis gave police the keys to the safe and said his ID was inside. Officer Tyson opened the safe to remove the wallet, and while looking into the safe saw a green ball, just smaller than a baseball.

The ball appeared to be marijuana, and was inside a small clear baggie. The substance in the baggie had stems and seeds, and smelled of marijuana. Chavis said the marijuana was his.

Chavis was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana and transported to the Orange county Jail.