The following couples obtained marriage licenses in the Orange County Clerk’s office during the week of April 18 to April 22:

Damien L. Zeno and Wendy M. Green;

Jon C. McQuilliams and Julie A. LeBlanc;

Venice O. Lane and Brandy S. O’Neal;

Raymond R. Gajewski and Winnie D. Costa;

Rickey A. Peveto and Janell K. Crowder;

Joseph A. Mires and Marianne Choate;

Michael T. Dyer Sr. and Brigitte B. Foster;

Judson C. Benton and Jill R. Peavy;

Chase H. Longmire and Jerica E. Costea;

Byron L. Speight and Kimberly G. Watson;

Barry M Burton and Cynthia F Shores;

Chad A Scales and Desiree N Osborne;

Kevin W Bland and Shelbie S Huffman;

Alvin L Freeman and Amanda K Patin.