Witnesses called police Sunday evening to report gunshots being fired in the 400 block of Gardenia. According to police, a black Dodge Charger with black rims, pulled up in front of the residence and turned off the vehicle’s headlights.

One of the witnesses told Officer James Gillen, with the Orange Police Dept., that they saw two bursts of fire coming from the Charger from an unknown handgun, and being aimed directly at the residence.

As one of the bullets struck the ground, witnesses saw a cloud of dust. The witness also said that the Charger then began heading towards Bluebonnet before the headlights were turned back on. The vehicle then turned right onto Bluebonnet.

Police made several attempts to make contact with anyone inside the residence, and the homeowner eventually emerged from the residence. She said she had been inside and heard the shots but thought nothing of it until police were knocking on her door.

While speaking with the witnesses, Officer Gillen observed two silver shell casings in front of the home.

Officer Hilyar, who was also on the scene, saw that a front window at the residence was shattered and had a circular hole in the center. A copper colored bullet, with white transfer paint, was then located on the interior window frame, just above the window sill.

Nobody was reported injured in the shooting.

The home owner told police that she wishes to press charges if a suspect can be located and identified.