Monday afternoon, Michael Roush, with the Orange Police Dept. was patrolling in the area of Hickory and 4th Streets when he observed the passenger of a truck not wearing a seatbelt. Roush stopped the vehicle behind Larry Stevens residence in the intersection of Hickory and


When police asked the passenger, who identified herself as Melissa Michelle Walker, she said she didn’t have a license or ID card. She said she had never been issued a driver’s license or ID card in any state. She was later identified as Melissa Mayon.

Officer Roush then asked for a name, date of birth or social security card for identification. When the woman verbally identified herself as Walker, police ran a check but was unable to find any type of identification on her out of any state.

When police continued to question Mayon, she appeared to be extremely nervous and physically shaking. She also had to pause to think about questions before recalling the information she had just relayed to police.

Roush then asked the woman where she lived and she told him she was living with Larry Stevens. When police questions Stevens, he said that he was unsure, but believed her last name to be Thompson. Mayon advised that her last name was Walker, but that she had been using the last name Thompson.

Mayon was placed under arrest for no seatbelt and while she was en route to the Orange County Jail, told police she had lied, and that her name is Melissa Michael Thompson. However, upon checking with dispatch, no information could be found on Melissa Thompson. After further investigation, Thompson was found to be her married name.

Along with the no seat belt charge, Mayon was charged with failure to identify a fugitive from justice, and intent to give false information.