A welcomed shower arrived shortly after 4 a.m. Tuesday. We got right at a half inch at my place, some folks in north Orange got up to three inches. I was glad to get even that small amount, it wasn’t expected.*****Willie Guiast on “Way Too Early” is on the telly from London on MSNBC.  “Morning Joe” will be on at 5 a.m. from the same place. Everything on the tube is about Prince William of Wales marrying Catherine “Kate” Middleton on Friday, April 29. Every print and electronic media is making a big deal out of the future king’s wedding. I just can’t get into it. There is just too many other problems, too many people hurting, to watch millions being blown on a one day affair. After all, the couple have been living together so there isn’t much for William to find out that he doesn’t know. I think Kate sure is a pretty girl, prettier than “Di,” although “Di” did have a certain class and sex appeal.*****I stopped by Market Basket to pick up a banana and grapefruit for breakfast at the office. I always like to stop and visit my friend Annie Hargrave, who’s a morning fixture at the store. We always visit about our years in Port Arthur as youngsters. Annie was a typical teenage girl, rolled up blue jeans and wearing penny loafers. This morning we visited about Huey Meaux, Gordon Baxter and the Deejays at KPAC. Annie and her girl friends often hung out at the radio station. Of course the girls drew the boys like flies are drawn to honey. Annie’s dad was the bridge tender at the Pleasure Pier Bridge. For a few minutes we remembered the good days of “Blackboard Jungle” and dragging down Procter Street and coasting by the drive-inns and other things I won’t disclose. Those were really the best times, before drugs, when having just a sip of Mogan David wine was a big thing. A visit with Annie is always a good way to start the day. Now I’ve downed breakfast and best be on my way if I plan on finishing this column. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget transforms Medicare. It proposes using vouchers to pay for senior health insurance. Ryan says it will save trillions of dollars, with deep cuts to Medicare and state health insurance for the poor. Today senior citizens are covered by a plan that doesn’t require seniors to have to shop for coverage, maybe finding insurance with higher co-pay for more coverage or less pay for less benefit. Con. Kevin Brady says, “Seniors can pick the right plan for their needs. Government can pay more for those who are lower income and less for those who are better off.” One would assume then, that each individual would get a yearly voucher for a certain amount. Wrong, no one would get the same amount. If your income went up this year, next year your voucher would be less. The insurance companies would make off like bandits. If your health really takes a turn for the worse and your doctor and hospital bill exceeds $80,000, your voucher policy only covered up to $30,000, you’ll spend all of your savings. That’s not all, if your elderly spouse comes down with cancer or some life threatening disease, you will be forced to sell everything you have because your voucher protection goes just so far. You take the blunt of the blow, if you can’t you die. There is no longer a lifeline. Congressmen have spread throughout the country selling Ryan’s budget and they are not being truthful about protection for senior citizens through Medicare. The government can’t give more benefits and save trillions of dollars at the same time. It will be a disaster. It’s dismantling the Medicare system. They can spin it all they want but it’s one or the other. Don’t tell us you’re going to give us better coverage when you know that’s not so. The deficit must be reduced but not on the backs of the poor, middle class and elderly. Meanwhile, the super rich, who earn a million a year, get to live high on the hog by not being asked to pay only 4 percent more. If you are reading us on the web ask you congressman why he voted to take away Medicare protection. If he says to reduce the deficit, tell him that’s a good thing but you know a better way than taking the elderly’s lifeline away from them. Whose side is he on? They can’t have it both ways.”


We were sorry to hear about the death of Earline Landry, age 73. She passed away Thursday, April 21. Service was held Tuesday, April 26 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. She and her late husband Leroy Landry made Bridge City home. Having known Earline for several years, we always found her to be pleasant, very caring and very knowledgeable, especially about sports. She will be missed by her four daughters, their families, and her many friends. May she rest in peace. Please see obit. *****Services were held April 23 for Richard Fuselier, 64, who died April 20. Richard was a longtime member of Pipefitters Local 195. To his wife Rose, daughters Theresa, Lorie and their families and to brother Tony and his family, we send our deepest sympathies.

13 Years Ago-1998

Oil company profits declined after racking up record profits last year when crude oil prices nearly reached $23 a barrel. (Editor’s note: If just 13 years ago oil companies made record profits at $22.72, just imagine what the profits are at $107 to $110 a barrel and $3.70 a gallon at the pumps. Just 13 years ago, gas went up to 65 cents a gallon. That wasn’t 100 years ago folks.)*****In the race for school board at Bridge City newcomer, Theresa Simonton, a registered nurse, is challenging incumbent Russell Dillow. She has garnered a surprising amount of support. *****The Bridge City Chamber W.T. Oliver Roast attracted over 250 people. Former Texas Attorney General Waggoner Carr did his Jessie James, “The Bandit” act. Quotes from W.T. on loyalty, “You either is or you ain’t, there’s no half-ass to it.” On friendship, “You either count on them or count them out.”*****Capt. Chuck Uzzle and family were vacationing in Colorado this past week.*****Dewey “Pumpkin” Cox, Jr. died Saturday at the U.T. Medical Branch in Galveston. He was the son of the late “Teddy Bear” Cox who was killed in Arkansas in a plane crash.*****This week, Mrs. Mildred Lemoine has been married to Louis for 40 years. It is said that she deserves a medal. They are the parents of five younguns, Jody, Jada, Jana, Jude and June. (Editor’s note: Today they celebrate 53 years. Louis has been in poor health but probably not as bad as he claims. He usually goes to bed before sundown. That’s after getting up so he can go back to bed. Anyway, last Thursday, he attended the Bridge City-Hamshire game where he watched his grandson Jake Lemoine pitch a one hitter and give Bridge City the victory. Louis stayed awake for most of the game and said he was extremely proud of his grandson. I believe Ms. Mildred has earned her trip to heaven without slowing down in Purgatory.)*****Toby the Clown wrecked another auto. Now he’s riding a bicycle.*****Glenda and Denzel Thompson recently opened Snappy’s Express Mart at Highway 62 and Hwy. 87. A ribbon cutting was held last week. Kirk Ellender is Bridge City Chamber president.*****PFC Daniel T. Leblanc graduated from Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego, CA, on April 10.*****Orange Mayor Essie Bellifield asks for re-election. Her motto is “A mayor for all the people.”*****John Harrington retires. He’s known around the area as “The Mayhaw King.” (Editor’s note: As long as I can remember I thought he was always retired and still is.)*****Early reports show promise for Viagra. It rhymes with Niagara, like the falls. It’s new and is the hottest thing on the market for male impotency. The product has been on the market two weeks. Doug Harrington, of Harrington’s Pharmacy, said it’s still too early for conclusive results but interest is definitely up.*****Brown Claybar is running for mayor of Orange. He is a former school board member.

33 Years Ago-1978

J.B. Bearden is promoted in the coaching ranks at WO-S.*****Inez Hearn is being held hostage at Doctor’s Hospital after having surgery. She’s tough as a barrel of rattlesnakes and ornery as Uncle John’s mule.*****Jean Lapeyrolerie, 18, is the youngest grand juror in Orange County history, maybe in the state. She’s a Bridge City High student.***** West Orange-Stark Mustangs qualifying  for class 4-A state track meet are Roosevelt Greer, Van Barnett, Romero Chevis, Tony January and Greg Hill.


Gus Harris, John Applebach, Mike Cain, Rosalyn Hollingsworth, Tim Batchelor, Chelsea Ballard, Ferrel Ashby, Peggy Dunbar, Joe LaMoine, James Seitz, Josh Blanchard, Jimmie Simmons, Judy DeCuir, Tommy Bourgeois, Candice Vigil, Drew Wappler, Garbrielle Freeman, Harold Haymon, Janice Gooch, Jenni Barrow, Roger Brister,Katie Smith, Kim Izer, Mary Grimes, Samantha Ziller, Virginia Woods, Carl Peltier, David Winfrey, Dot Eshbach, Flo Arnold, Loretta Phillips, Karolyn Doiron, Frank Carpenter, Jason Mayfield, Newt Hodges, Tom McDavid, A.J. Sellers, Christina Johnston, Ethel Champagne, Jonette Brown, Mary Stewart, Megan Cornwell, Amy Wiebold, Glenda Dailey, Nicole Gibbs, Stacie Hollier, Kay Boudreaux, Brandon Applebach and Jeff Harrison.


The Texas Cajun Heritage Festival will be held in downtown Orange May 21. Mark your calendar. No one has more fun than Cajuns, even if it’s at a funeral. *****Friday will be Pinehurst Manager Robert Ewart’s last day on the job. He is retiring to West Texas where he and the coyotes will howl at the moon. We wish this great guy the best and thanks for the outstanding job done. Meanwhile, Joe Parkhurst, former J.P. is acting manager until the council names a permanent replacement. We hear Joe is a quick learner. *****Russell Drillow, owner of the Orange Sears store and a member of our advertising family, is hosting “AMERICA’S GREATEST YARD SALE” at Sears, Saturday, April 30. There will be a lot of fun stuff  to do and also some great buys. Test drive Craftsman lawn mowers, light turn tractors and other garden equipment. Schwans truck will have free samples and all sales will be donated to local charities. The Orange youth track club will have links and juicy turkey legs. Free ice cream and a lot of activity in the Sears parking lot, Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Hope to see you there.*****Some special folks celebrating their special day this week. One of our bestest friends, Dot Eshbach, turns 89 on May 1. For many years Dot has been one of our special friends. She’s also a remarkable lady. We wish her the best, she deserves it.***Our editor, Nicole Gibbs, celebrates this week. She’s special to us. ***Also, happy birthday to Gus Harris, who marks another year. ***FaceBook friends having birthdays are Nikki Worthy on April 27, Stacey Mitchell Burns, April 28; Nina Leifeste, April 30; Cindy Landrum and Ramona Linscomb Walker, May 1 and on May 3, Jenna Angelle and Judi Verdin will celebrate. Happy birthday wishes to all. *****We are sad to report that our buddy, Daniel Jacobs, took a turn for the worse last week. He’s in St. Elizabeth at the present time and I’m told he has somewhat improved. It’s been a long, hard road fighting Leukemia. The many ups and downs have taken its toll, not only on Daniel but also on wife Gloria who has been present at his side. In a lifetime, I’ve never known anyone who is more of a fighter than Daniel. As tough a guy as I’ve known, with a strong desire to live. Our prayers are with him and the family. He’s bounced back before many times. *****We ran into Russell Bottley, who has been battling cancer. What a great young man. Everyone likes Russell. We are glad to report that Russell has beaten the cancer and is down to his last Chemotherapy treatment. It’s been a tough road but it’s all about winning and Russ is a winner. *****Our friend Dale Newton, Granny’s other half, has been in Baptist Hospital battling COPD. He’s doing much better and we wish him a speedy recovery. Meanwhile Granny, who’s hanging in there, still has great yard eggs for sale. *****J.W. “Kid” Henry is in town from the Philippines where he is a preacher. J.W. looks healthy and is his usual fun self. He’s a colorful character. Last week, he was a guest of the Rev. Leo Anderson at the Lunch Bunch dinner. Also Mr. And Mrs. Cedric Stout visited and broke bread with the Bunch. Cedric is a Pearl Harbor survivor. This week the Bunch dines at Robert’s, next Wednesday at Novrozsky’s. Everyone is always welcome. *****We enjoyed a nice blackberry cobbler thanks to our buddy King Dunn, who picked the berries. He says berries are scarce this year due to the drought conditions. *****Gov. Rick Perry, who a few months ago talked about Texas’ possible secession from the Union. Now Perry is asking President Obama for federal disaster help with the state’s wildfires. Gov. Perry has decided to rejoin the Union. *****Our little buddy Micah Ellender, who is in Uncle Sam’s Army, left his base in Alaska Monday for a one-year deployment to Afghanistan. His parents, the Kirk Ellender’s, got to visit with him in Alaska a few days ago. God’s speed to Micah, stay safe, stay in touch through our Website and Facebook. *****Judge David Peck returned from J.P. school last week. He says judge school is far different than the many law enforcement schools he’s attended. Very strict, miss one hour of class and you have to start all over with no credits earned. Constable Chris Humble, Pct. 1, says Judge Peck is doing a great job as judge, especially in the handling of juvenile school truancy. Chris says his 30 years of police training serves the Judge well. *****Orange native, Coach Bum Phillips, along with former Oiler player Mike Barber, have been spending much of their time reaching out to prisoners. Bum told a crowd of 1,000 that in his childhood in Orange, Texas, he lived in the country. A trip to Sunday church services required piling into the wagon, pulled by their farm horse, for the trip into town. They didn’t go often. They didn’t have the money to put in the collection plate anyway. Sooner or later, hopefully, someone in Orange County will do something to recognize this native son, who never fails to mention Orange as home.*****Huey Meaux, 82, the old barber and music producer, died in Winnie over the weekend. He was a disk jockey on radio KPAC when Gene Bougeois asked him to record a song he wrote. Huey did. The rest is history. B.J. Thomas, Freddie Fender, Johnny Preston, Barbara Lynn and many others were helped by Huey. The last big hit he produced was “Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot,” by Rockin Sidney. Jiving Gene can tell hundreds of Huey Meaux stories. *****There wasn’t much doubt that Cornel Thompson would be named athletic director and head football coach at West Orange-Stark. It didn’t take much savvy for us to predict it. It would have been a no brainer not to give him the opportunity. He earned it. Now if Coach “T” can get Dan Ray to work the sidelines on Friday nights and be in charge of working the referees he’ll have it made. Dan won as many games that way as he did coaching. *****Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will attend husband Mark Kelly’s space shuttle launch on Friday. It’ll be the first time Gabby has traveled since she was flown to Houston from Tucson on Jan. 21, after she was shot in the head Jan. 8. Six other people were killed in the shooting. President Obama and his family will also attend the launch in Florida.

On April 28, Jay Leno will be 61; Penelope Cruz, 37 and Jessica Alba, 30.***Richard Kline will be 67 on April 29; Jerry Seinfield, 57; Michelle Pfeiffer, 54 and Master P, 42.***Willie Nelson will be 78 on April 30; Cloris Leachman, 85 and Kirsten Dunst, 29.***On May 1, Paul Teutul, Sr. will be 62 and Tim McGraw, 44.***May 2, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, 39; David Beckham, 36; Lily Allen, 26 and Brooke Hogan, 23.***May 3, Kimora Lee Simmons, 36 and Lance Bass, 32.


Sostan Badeaux him, had just come in from working 30 day on da oil rig in da Gulf and couldn’t wait to get to Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill to get some drinks. He started drinking early in da morning and by four o’clock him, he done got plum drunk. He stagger out of Tee-Boy’s and fell down a few time. He made his way to da next block and stagger into old St. Mary Church and sat down in da confessional.
He don’t say nuttin him, jus grunt.
Farda Broussard him, he cough to attract Sostan’s attention.
Sostan he still don’t say nuttin.
Farda Broussard him, knock on da wall four or five times to get Sostan’s to say something.
Sostan him, he’s so drunk he’s nearly asleep. He finally say to Fater Broussard, “Dere’s no use knockin you, dere’s no damn paper in dis one neither.


Well, it’s come time for me to wrap it up. It’s been a longtime since that banana and grapefruit, my bellies growling and time has come for me to turn this stuff in. Not much new lately about Japan or anything else for that matter. The Royal wedding will dominate world news. Here in the states, the bad storms and tornados are ripping through many states; some small town in Arkansas is wiped out. From Oklahoma to New York states are being battered. I’d rather live on the Gulf and face hurricanes than live in tornado alley. *****NBC reports Ryan’s budget will cost seniors $6,000 more a year for Medicare, $12,000 for an elder couple. *****What is hitting my pocket book right now is the rising cost of coffee. Gas prices are busting most people’s budget. Our country is loaded with natural gas and I agree with T. Boone Pickin, why ain’t we drilling for it. Someway, somehow, gas prices must come down.*****Good news, GM reports the most profitable quarter in over a decade. They have paid back the bailout money. The way GM goes is the way the country goes. Home sales are up 11 percent so I’m encouraged on the economy.*****Thanks for tagging along. Read us cover to cover, shop our family of advertisers. Take care and May God bless us all.