“Ohmigod you guys” did you go see “Legally Blonde” at the Lutcher?

No, I wasn’t so excited I forgot the spaces, that is the name of the opening number of “Legally Blonde the musical”

The Lutcher Theater offered two performances Saturday of the hit Broadway musical.
The stage production does shuffle the time line and the characters a bit, but it still has all the important components from the original movie. The part of the female professor was eliminated by splitting her lines between Vivian and Callahan.

It’s more common for something to go from the stage to the big screen, but “Legally Blonde” did it in reverse and threw songs in.

It was a very upbeat and fun production, as it should be. Nadia Vynnytsky nailed the part of Serena as the cheerleader down to the bobbing of her ponytail.

Michael Milton was a much sexier UPS man with his exaggerated walk; the audience seemed to appreciate his performance.

Nikki Bohne did a great Elle. Perky and pink, she dazzled Harvard as she tried to get her college boyfriend, Warner, back.

The only problem with the show was that some of the characters spoke so fast and a lot of it was in high pitched voices that it was difficult for some of the older patrons to understand what was being said some of the time. Many people start losing their hearing in the higher ranges as they get older. My mom, who attended the show, is a prime example.

Even I had some problems occasionally, but know the plot well enough they didn’t lose me. I have to admit, I didn’t catch most of what Paulette, played by Jillian Wallach, was saying in the last scene when she played the part of the subtitles in the movie at the graduation scene.

Putting that aside, it was a fun, entertaining show to finish off the 30th season at the Lutcher.

Jim Clark and the Lutcher Staff have put together a great season for next year including: “Rain-Tribute to the Beatles;” “Young Frankenstein;” “Shrek the Musical;” “South Pacific;” “In the Heights;” “The Christmas Music of Mannheim Steamroller;” “Fiddler on the Roof;” “Moulin Rouge-The Ballet;” “My Fair Lady;” “The Blue Man Group;” “Doubt;” and a tribute to “The Blues Brother.”

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