Tuesday, Officer Michael Roush responded to West Orange Middle School in reference to a report of a juvenile in possession of marijuana. Upon arrival, Roush spoke with the school’s principal, Travis McKelvain.

The principal explained to the officer that while walking in the hallway near one of the girl’s restrooms, a strong odor of marijuana was detected in the air. Police were also told that when following the odor, it led to a student’s location.

McKelvain asked that the student be brought into the office for questioning. The student’s mother was called and ask to report to the school. McKelvain said that during questioning, the student denied having or possessing any marijuana.

Once the student’s mother arrived, a staff member suggested the studnt be searched, believing the student may have hidden the drugs in her clothing. McKelvain advised police that before the mother conducted the search, the student removed a marijuana cigarette and lighter from within their pants and handed the items to the mother.

The police were called in for further assistance and he student was suspended from school at that time. Officers took custody of the evidence and gathered information from the mother, along with the name of the student.

Police advised the student’s mother that a police report would be completed in reference to the incident. No report or statement was taken from the student.

The name of the student is being withheld due to them being a minor.