You ever think about running for president?

Yeah, that president. Of these United States.

Talk to anybody, and around sixty or seventy percent believe he or she can do a better job than whom we now have in the office.

That is a common political phenomenon.

Curiously, our current president has already started campaigning. Now, I don’t know why he started so early. Could it be he’s running scared because of the poor job he’s done, or because of the poor job he hasn’t done?

I don’t know. It just seems to me a two-year-long campaign is a mite too long. On the other hand, maybe it’s because he is an excellent campaigner. You can’t take that from him. Could it be he knows he’s failed as president, but can excel at campaigning? So, he decided to campaign instead of president. (Okay, so it isn’t a verb. Big Deal. Disrespect wasn’t a verb either)

Surely he can’t believe Americans are that dumb? Or are we?

Certainly, he didn’t begin campaigning so early because of possible candidates the other parties might throw at him.

English teachers always emphasize to their writing students not to use clichés; but here’s one anyway. Remember the old saying, “too many cooks spoil the broth?”

Same with the candidates the other parties want to throw at him. A bunch of cooks-result? A tasteless broth.

If you’re like me, I don’t see anyone out there who could beat him except maybe Hillary, and she’s in the wrong party. On the other hand, do you think that perhaps she covets the office so passionately that she might switch parties?

Now there’s food for thought.

Lots of folks around our neck of the woods have been switching parties. To hear them, their impeccably honorable reasons are based upon their sterling integrity and a slavish desire to lift their constituents’ quality of life to higher levels.

Right? And if you believe that, I have a long lost map showing where the pirate, LaFitte, hid gold at the juncture of the Sabine and Neches Rivers.

Or I can put in on the trail of the severed finger of Benito Jaurez, the Mexican bandido, for only a few bucks.

Most of those guys are cutting deals left and right.

But back to – ah, yeah, Obama and his campaigning.

A friend and I spoke recently of Donald Trump’s entry into the fray. Or maybe I should say, his considering entry into the bloodlust milieu to come.

My first impulse was “hey, maybe this is the guy.” He’s got a lot of baggage, but who hasn’t? Many politicians are saying his candidacy is a joke. They, by the way, are considering running also.

You can’t believe what prospective candidates say about each other. Joe Biden commented during the primaries that YObama was ‘not yet ready’ for the presidency, an office which did not ‘lend itself to on-the-job training’.

Now he’s vice-president, working for the guy whom he claimed couldn’t handle the job. Make sense to you?

But, who will run against Obama?

First on many lists is Sarah Palin. I like her, but women hate her. She couldn’t do any worse than Obama, but somehow that just doesn’t seem much of a reason to vote for her.

Then there is ex-Massachusetts’ Governor Mitt Romney. Many say he is the front-runner, but he has run so many times it’s getting to be a joke. Besides, he was behind the horrible health bill in his state. Obamacare is Romney’s briar patch.

Mike Huckabee is back with his conservative religious group. Huckabee is a nice guy, but he wasn’t any too sharp as governor in Arkansas.

One of the big names for the office is Newt Gingrich. I heard a comedian remark “How do you get a divorce from Newt Gingrich? Simple, get uterine cancer.” That sums him up.
This guy makes Bill Clinton look like a saint.

And the list goes on and on and on. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, John Thune, Chris Christie, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Pence, Jim DeMint, Ron Paul, Nikki Haley, Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum, John Bolton, Michelle Bachman.


Oh, I forgot Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal.

So, you tell me. Who will it be?

My prediction?

Obama in 2012.

The Democrat party has only one cook in the kitchen. That’s the difference.