Orange police were on the trail of a reckless driver Monday afternoon after receiving reports of a vehicle being driven recklessly on MLK. Officer Caleb Davis responded to the call and soon received word that the vehicle had pulled in to the Exxon service station in the 6800 block of FM 1130.

Upon arrival, Officer Davis saw the reported vehicle in the parking lot, still running, but unoccupied.

Officer Davis went into the store and observed a white female, who was later identified as Veronica Russell Jaetzold, standing near the cashier. Jaetzold, 46, or Orange, stated she was driving the vehicle. As they spoke to Jaetzold, police observed her to be shaking and disoriented.

Upon further observation, police believed Jaetzold to be disoriented because she was trying to give the clerk her driver’s license instead of her credit card. She also attempted to swipe her license in the credit card machine.

Officer Davis asked Jaetzold to step outside the store with him and as she walked, she appeared unsteady on her feet, and unable to walk a straight line without assistance. Officers asked her if there was a family member who could come get her. Jaetzold said her mother could come get her, but was unable to provide a contact number for her mother.

At this time, Jaetzold was taken into custody for public intoxication and transported to the Orange County Jail.