A Hemphill woman was arrested Monday for shoplifting at the Kroger store on 16th St. Police responded to the call from store manager, Rocky Hymel at about 5:40 PM, who said he had detained a woman for shoplifting.

Upon arrival to the store, Officer Jeffery Busby was told that the woman, who was identified as Heather Louise Gallien, of Hemphill, had been seen placing several items in her purse and had walked out of the store.

Hymel told police he followed Gallien into the parking lor and detained her until police could arrive. While speaking with Gallien, she said she had used her purse to take the items. She also said she had stolen in the past.

Police were given an itemized receipt of the stolen merchandise, which came to a total of almost $88. At this time, Gallien was placed under arrest for class B theft, and transported to the Orange County Jail. While at the jail, Officer Busby was advised by dispatch, a criminal check on Gallien turned up a previous conviction of theft.