There’s a new doctor in town. Dr. Eryn Lucas, a Little Cypress-Mauricevill graduate, is a licensed clinical psychologist and a doctor of clinical psychology that has opened up a practice in Orange. Her practice, the Family and Psychological Center, is located at 807 Henderson. It has been open since the beginning of March of this year.

“I just felt like there was a need in Orange,” Lucas said.

There was an official open house on Friday, April 29 where the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed the Family and Psychological Center with a ribbon cutting.

Lucas has had a plan since she was a small child to go into counseling.

She explained that she went to school with a boy who was exceptionally intelligent but really sensitive. He was adopted into a family but was not well received by the other children. Because of his struggles, she explained, he needed hospital care and counseling.

“I was his friend [through all of this] and I knew that I wanted to help him,” Lucas said.

From that point on, she had a plan and she stuck to it from Junior High School all the way up until she got her Doctorate degree.

Lucas started her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in Austin. She completed all the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1999. From there, she went to Florida State University and received a Master of Science in Counseling and Human Systems and an Education Specialist degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2002. In 2005, she received a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and in 2008, she received a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family.

Lucas has been practicing since 2006 when she did her residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. In 2007, she started her own practice in Beaumont. Since Orange was her home, she felt the need to move back and open a practice.

“From my knowledge, there has never been [a counseling center] in Orange,” Lucas said.

Lucas and Eve Anderson, a Licensed Professional Counselor that started out with Lucas in Beaumont, opened their doors at the beginning of March. Many people still don’t know that such a place in Orange exists, but they do have clients they see on a regular basis.

Lucas explained that some of the patients they saw in Beaumont live in this area and they continue to treat them.

Lucas and Anderson offer services for psychotherapy, which is the treatment of emotional and behavioral problems by talking about feelings, thoughts, behaviors and related issues with a mental health professional in order to gain insight and develop healthy coping skills to reduce symptoms and problems.

Common psychotherapy concerns include, but are not limited to: depression; bipolar disorder; stress and anxiety (which includes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder); grief and loss; trauma and abuse; anger; behavioral problems; divorce issues; parenting problems; social and relationship issues; self esteem; personality disorders; work problems; and school problems.

Psychotherapy can help gain a better understanding of your condition or situation; identify and change thoughts and/or behaviors that negatively affect your life; reduce symptoms, problems, and emotional difficulties; explore self perception, relationships and experiences; develop more effective coping skills and ways to solve problems; set realistic goals for your life; improve your self-esteem and the overall quality of your life.

They also offer comprehensive psychological evaluations, which is psychological testing (intellectual, academic, personality and neuropsychological) for persons of all ages, most often to determine diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Lucas and Anderson also provide forensic services, which include custody evaluations, capacity evaluations and parenting coordination/facilitation programs. All of these are usually court-ordered.

Lucas is particularly excited to offer group counseling services this summer for children ages seven to teens.

“We are offering group counseling for children to help with social skills, character building and anger management,” Lucas said.

They will also offer services to help children deal with grief and loss, divorce, study skills and how to make healthy choices in a group setting.

Theses group sessions will run for six weeks, June 20 – July 29, and are limited; first come first serve. To join a group there is a registration fee of $20. Session fees are $10 each. The initial assessment fee per child or teen is $20.

Many psychologist recommend group counseling but rarely know where to refer the children too. Lucas explained that those admitted to hospitals receive group counseling but many private practices can’t afford to offer it because insurance rarely pays for it. For this program, Lucas will open her doors to students at Lamar University and others in local master’s programs that need to complete hours of supervised work to become licensed.

If this program is successful, it will not only benefit the community, but those aspiring to become counselors as well.

For more information about Dr. Eryn Lucas, Eve Anderson, and the Family and Psychological Center, please call 409-883-CARE (2273) or visit If you have concerns about a mental health problem, please seek treatment as soon as possible.

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