Orange police were called to the Lion’s Den Park, in the 1800 block of Main St. Wednesday evening, in reference to a possible intoxicated person. Upon arrival at the park, Officer Michael Roush observed the suspect sitting on the ground at the front gate to the park.

The man, who was identified as 55 year old Ronald Joseph Mendoza, of Orange, was observed to be sleeping while sitting on the ground. Police could smell alcohol on the man while sanding four to six feet away from him.

Officer Roush called to Mendoza to awaken him and asked him to walk to the front of the patrol car. Officers observed Mendoza to be unsteady and staggering while walking. His eyes were also glassy and blood shot. His speech was slow and slurred and was considered to be intoxicated.

Mendoza was placed into custody and charged with public intoxication and transported to the Orange County Jail, where he had to be placed in a holding cell due to becoming unruly.