Orange police responded to a call regarding the burglary of a vehicle Wednesday in the 300 block of Morrell. While en route, Officer Jonathon Baggett was advised by dispatch that a black male was trying to enter the residence.

As Officer Baggett entered the area of 2nd and Morrell Streets, he observed a black male who appeared to be partially clothed. The man was identified as Demetrius Harris, 26, of Orange. He was standing in the roadway, shouting and appeared to be highly agitated and belligerent.

While Officer Baggett waited on additional patrol units to arrive on the scene, Harris approached Baggett’s patrol car and grabbed the front push bar bumper and began to push and pull in an attempt to damage the vehicle.

During this time, Harris’ attention was diverted to a by-stander who was walking through the area. Harris quickly approached the man an began to assault him. Officer Baggett stepped out of his patrol car and approached Harris, with his taser drawn.

As police approached Harris, they gave verbal commands that they had tasers. Harris continued to assault the man, so Officer Baggett deployed his taster, striking Harris in his upper and lower right back. Another officer – Officer Perry, attempted to place Harris in handcuffs to secure him, but Harris continued to pull away.

Officer Baggett activated a second, five second cycle from the taser by placing it against Harris’ calf. At this time, Harris complied and Officer Perry was able to secure him.

Harris was taken into custody, and charged with public intoxication, burglary of a vehicle and criminal mischief.

The man who was assaulted did not wish to press charges at the time and left the scene.