The Bridge City High School athletic department has released the names of 111 athletes named to the 2011 Academic All-District Team. Students participating in every sport from football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, track, powerlifting and baseball and softball are among those listed.

2011 Academic All-District Team:

Patty Abarca- Soccer
Sierra Allison- Soccer
Allison Angelle- Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Kinsey Arnaud- Tennis
Slate Arnold- Football
Amanda Ashby- Track
Samantha Ayre- Powerlifting
Bryson Banks- Football
Devin Bertrand- Football, Soccer, Track
Blair Bishop- Track
Decker Blevins- Athletic Trainer
Russell Bozman- Soccer
Jacklyn Bradberry- Softball
Maddie Bray- Powerlifting
Jason Broussard- Football, Track, Baseball
Jared Buffington- Tennis
Colby Carpenter- Golf
Tanner Cervenka- Football, Basketball, Track
Armando Chavez- Cross Country, Track
Eric Chesson- Cross Country, Track
Hunter Clark- Football, Track
Zach Cole- Football, Powerlifting
Buddy Cornell- Soccer
Brent Crooks- Football
Samantha Crooks- Track
Adriane Cude- Cross Country, Track
Taylor Day- Football, Baseball
Clint Delahoussaye- Track
Simone Dies- Powerlifting
Cameron Dishon- Football, Track, Baseball
Jorge Escobedo- Soccer
Destiny Ewing- Powerlifting
Bree Fontenot- Cross Country, Track
Dylan Foreman- Football
Jessica Franklin- Cross Country, Softball
Hayden Guidry- Baseball
Aubrey Harrington- Track
Luke Hebert- Cross Country, Track
Sawyer Hogan- Cross Country, Track
Brooklyn Hogden- Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Alex Holland- Cross Country, Soccer, Track
Sarah Hollier- Track
Mitchel Hubbard- Football, Track, Baseball
Blaine Huff- Golf
Ashton Hunter- Track
Ashley Inagaki- Volleyball, Softball
Kristin Ivey- Tennis
Haley Jenkins- Track Manager
Candyce Kettler- Soccer
Keaton Langston- Track, Baseball
Autumn LeGault- Tennis
Starla Linder- Volleyball, Basketball
Kimberly Lindenberg- Basketball
Kaitlyn Louvier- Powerlifting
Thomas Luce- Football, Powerlifting, Track
Justin Martin- Football
Hannah McAnelly- Volleyball, Basketball, Track
Blaine McElduff- Baseball
Sara McPherson- Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Matt Menard- Football, Baseball
Wren Miller- Powerlifting
Haley Mills- Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Ciera Mires- Tennis
Stina Moller- Tennis
Dylan Mulhollan- Football, Baseball
Lari Navarro- Powerlifting, Softball
Aimee Nguyen- Tennis
Mary Nguyen- Cross Country, Soccer, Track
Windsor Nguyen- Powerlifting
Haydin Oceguera- Tennis
Misael Ortiz- Powerlifting
Courtney Osteen- Soccer
Rico Padron- Soccer
Luke Placette- Tennis
Sam Placette- Tennis
Nick Portacci- Baseball
Colbie Prestwood- Soccer
Adam Prosperie- Football
Carly Purcell- Track Manager
Lauren Quarles- Track
Keith Read- Football
Emilee Reed- Softball
Anthony Rodriguez- Football, Baseball
Jessica Romine- Track Manager
Jordan Royal- Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Cristina Sanchez- Soccer
Meagan Shockley- Cross Country, Track
Brandon Simoneaux- Baseball
Bre Smith- Track
Savannah Smith- Tennis
Zach Smith- Baseball
Shane Stankus- Football, Powerlifting, Track
Hunter Stout- Powerlifting, Track
Ashley Strahan- Track
Kylie Stump- Soccer
Maggie Stump- Volleyball, Soccer
Lakotah Tahsequah-Flores- Athletic Trainer
Kati Thornton- Track
Kristina Threatt- Powerlifting
Nicole Threatt- Powerlifting, Track
Colby Stephen Trahan- Powerlifting
Jason Tran- Football, Basketball
Nga Tran- Tennis
Rosemary Truong- Track
Chelsea Tyner- Powerlifting
Hunter Uzzle- Baseball
Maria Velazquez- Soccer
Arturo Villa- Soccer
Jessica Westlund- Powerlifting
Ashleigh Wilbur- Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Karley Worthington- Soccer
Forrest Zoch- Baseball