Bridge City: Black cloud of swarming mosquitos hauls off mother and two youngsters at Mother’s Day crawfish outing. Ten-year-old boy fights them and gets away. Well, it wasn’t quite that bad. They couldn’t lift mom and only got the two kids. If I ever run for public office my platform will be a chicken in every pot and a skeeter spraying truck in every neighborhood, plus I’ll purchase a mosquito-spraying plane. Now, there’s a winner. *****The Mighty Mississippi: The folks fighting the overflowing river all the way to Ohio, have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the world. They don’t know Bin Laden is dead, if fighting is still going on in Libya or what’s the latest on Japan. We’ve been there. They have water over their houses. New Orleans and Baton Rouge have a dozen days to prepare. The crest is expected May 22 and May 23. LSU in Baton Rouge is in real danger of flooding. *****East Texas: Less than two inches of rain has fallen this year, a foot below normal. Drought plays havoc with home gardens. Neighbor Cox was spotted trying to water his non-producing crop wearing a mosquito net over his head and face. *****Austin: Texas Republican senate approves handguns on public college grounds and classrooms. One law enforcement officer said, “Have they gone nuts?” No sir, just moving farther to the Right, shoring up the base. Let the dueling begin. The Repubs passed it on a voice vote, snuck in on a university-spending bill. The house has yet to pass it and the NRA lobbiest are working overtime.*****FaceBook and Twitter: Newt Gingrich is expected to announce his candidacy for president on the social media, an appearance on FOX News, with Sean Hannity and will attend a Party convention on Friday. He has about as much of a chance as Donald Trump but it’s a great way to raise money. By the way, what is Harold Haas running for? *****New York: House speaker John Boehner, who has the Tea Party as an albatross around his neck told Wall Street Monday, “It would be arrogant to raise the nations debt limit without drastic spending cuts and changes to Medicare.” Then he added, “It’s true that allowing America to default would be irresponsible.” It will be interesting to see what happens. Will he give in to the Tea Party, let the U.S. default or in the end vote to save the worldwide credit market. I’m betting on the speaker. It would be too devastating. Cut, cut, but don’t mess with the super rich.*****Gotta move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


By now I’m sure everyone knows that President Obama is strong on national security. The killing of Bin Laden proves he’s not shy about ordering the killing of those that would do us harm. I believe the info the government recovered in the raid will lead to other Bin Laden co-hearts, leaders and killers. I bet there are some who are not sleeping as well now, knowing the U.S. has their name and address. *****Crude oil plunges but gas at the pump remains high. Top profit companies were named by Fortune 500 last week. Oil companies, behind Wal-Mart, are #2, Exxon Mobile, #3, Chevron, #4, Conoco Phillips, yet we provide them $30 billion in oil industry tax breaks. They are making record profits of $25 to $45 billion a year. They are getting too big a piece of the pie. If the GOP congress would go along with it, the threat of losing the tax breaks would bring gas prices down. I still believe gas prices will come down. The economy can’t recover if it doesn’t. Prices are more likely to be at $3 rather than $5. That’s still too much. The United States had the best job growth last month than in the past five years. CEO pay and bonuses have jumped up 14 percent for top 50 CEO’s and all companies exceed pre-recession levels. Retail is up, but gas prices are killing consumers and the working class, plus warming takes costly toll on corn and wheat crops, rising temperatures reduce yield, causing the prices to go up on the shelf. Unemployment is still high despite job growth. There are some things government can do but there are many other factors they can’t control. I still believe that unemployment will drop to under eight percent in a year. We could be a lot worse off, the auto industry was on the brink of collapse and the domino affect would have caused a major recession, with 25 to 30 percent unemployment. Since the bail out to save the industry, General Motors, who was bankrupt, is listed as the number eight best earning company by Fortune 500 and Ford Motor Co. is listed number 10. I hate to think where we would be if not for the bail out. How dark a hole would the country be in and how long would the bread lines be. We’re a long way from getting back to year 2000, but the picture looks better than it did two years ago. However, the Obama administration and the Congress are both in trouble if the economy doesn’t turn around. Both face the wrath of the voter, who votes with their wallets.

12 Years Ago-1977

Dr. Jimmy Howell, Orange’s renowned heart surgeon, holds the record for doing more heart by-pass procedures. He worked with Dr. DeBakey on the first heart transplant. The latest Orangeite, and there have been many for Howell to work on, is Judge Pat Clark. A few years ago, he cared for Roy Dunn but found out his heart was black. (Just kidding Roy.)*****Baseball coach Marc Jones, of Bridge City, has accepted a position with the Katy School District. (Editor’s note: As far as we know, over the last dozen years, he is till there and having great success.)*****Josh Gray, outstanding pitcher for LC-M, has accepted a baseball scholarship from Lamar. Coach Gilligan is very high on him. He’s the son of Connie and coach Mike Gray.*****Richard Peterson, owner of A-1 Plumbing, is recovering from a heart attack.*****Britt Godwin and his black buddy Al White, have a new record out.*****Suzanne Halliburton is a sports writer for the Austin American Statesman.
The LC-M grad wrote her first sports columns for the Opportunity Valley News. Since than, she’s covered the Dallas Cowboys. The last story she wrote was the day coach Tom Landry was fired by Jerry Jones. Suzanne covered all of Lance Armstrong’s “Tour de France” races and has traveled the globe. (Editor’s note: A dozen years later, she is still covering sports. She is the daughter of Sue and the late Grover Haliburton.)*****Bruce Aven, former standout at West Orange-Stark, was passed over many times in the 1994 major league draft before Cleveland picked him up in the 30th round. He made his way through the minors, constantly in the top five in batting, home runs, runs scored, RBI’s and extra base hits. In 1997, he got on the major league roster for the first time. He hit for the cycle and had seven RBI’s in his first start in spring training against Florida. Cleveland had an all star outfielder. In 1998, after undergoing shoulder surgery, Bruce’s season was over before it began. The Florida Marlins, who never forgot what Bruce had done to them, picked him up in the fall. He turned 27 in March, and now leads the Marlins with a .387 average and is second in RBI’s. Last Friday night, in Los Angeles he hit a grand slam winning homerun, in front of a sellout crowd of 54,000 in Dodger Stadium, to win, 6-3. The LA Times headline read “No safe Aven for Dodgers.” It was the first pinch-hit grand slam in team history. His homer also snapped the Marlin’s eight game losing streak. (Editor’s note: Bruce, along with Jay Canizaro, were Ronnie Anderson’s boys at West Orange Stark. Both made it to the majors. Ever since high school Bruce had to battle being overlooked. He was on his way to super stardom in the majors when injuries sidelined him. Nagging injuries, with the Giants, didn’t allow Jay to be the big star he could have been.

32 Years Ago-1979

Greg Hill, WO-S state champion, holds the national record in the 300-meter hurdles.*****Becky Hargrave and Scott Harper are named Miss and Mr. Bridge City High.*****Cheryl Pesson and Paul Simon are named Miss and Mr. Red Raider at B.C. Junior High.*****The B.C. senior class song is “Always and Forever.” (Editor’s note: Do you know who recorded it? Well, it was made popular by a group called “Heatwave.”)*****Britt Godwin, 10, a fifth grader at Hatton has been performing since kindergarten. He plays the guitar, piano and sax. He’s preformed at events and on television. (Editor’s note: Britt is still at it. He’s a great talent but even a greater guy. Combine the two and he’s a star to everyone who knows him.”


Pat Collins, Bobby Keeling, Sarah Moreland, Scott Andes, Tami Vanderheiden, Sherry Walles, David Pitts, Charles Webb, Justin Roberts,Jerry Hardee, Bridgett Bonneaux, Hazel Heckendorf, Calvin Granger, Douglas Wilson, Mike McNair, Imogene McKinney, Jamie Garcia, Kate Jackson, Kristie Hughes,Melanie Wilderson, Renee Price, Ann Bryant, Bob Wood, Janis Goss, James Birdwell, Nikki Smith, L.K. Jarrell, Brad Johansson, Cortney Spring, Daniel Broussard, Deborah Ellender, Emily Domas, Hailey McCoun, Heather Brinson, Jaime Broussard, Kenneth Prosperie, Nancy Chenella, Ronda Savoy, Jimmy Sibert, Norman Gaspard, Mark Simmons, Pat Clark, Samuel Lucia, Alan Richey, Sondra Taliaferro, Clay Sims, Ed Berry, Nickie Wall, Donna McClanahan, Greg Defrates, Jennifer Williams, Angelea Breaux, Inez Turner and Barry Hunt.


Everybody’s friend, Shannon Messer, 89, fell in the bathroom and broke his back and shattered some bones. Houston doctors decided not to operate. Shannon is staying with a daughter in Sulphur. We wish the best for this good man. He’s a prince of a guy.*****Our buddy Nancy Vincent had a knee procedure done last week. She’s not kicking very high today but she won’t stay down long. What a gal.*****Bin Laden’s medicine chest contained a good amount of herbal Viagra. I suspect he needed every ounce of it with three wives in the same house. One wife, a 27-year-old beauty never left the bedroom. It still amazes me how he got away for nearly 10 years, traveling with three wives and a dozen kids, plus he was 6 foot, 4 inches tall. The average male in the area is 5 foot, 7 inches. Pakistan says we can’t kill anymore of our enemies in their country so they will draw Al Queda members like flies to home-brew. A safe haven.*****Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger are splitting after 25 years and four kids. A rumor started a few months ago after her mother Eunice Shriver died, that the marriage was on the rocks. They will split a lot of money. I don’t’ understand it but most often when couples split after 20 to 25 years, one or the other gets to thinking life is passing them by. No more thoughts of growing old together. The good times and the hard times are soon forgotten in the search of greener pastures, shattering all lives concerned. They’ve made it longer than most in the land of fairy tales.*****Texas Cajun Heritage Festival will be held May 21. The event will take place at the City of Orange Boat Ramp, off of Simmons Dr. Come out and enjoy Cajun bands, plenty of food, many vendors and always a Cajun good time.*****After voting to kill Medicare, the GOP backs off. In fact, they don’t mention it in their interviews. They are only regrouping. Medicare and Social Security are still targets to get rid of. However they won’t get it through the senate and Obama won’t sign.*****Congrats to WO-S and LC-M trackers who qualified for the state track meet this weekend. West Orange-Stark ranked first at regionals in the 200 meters, with a 21.54. They ranked first in the 400-meter relay and were second in the 800-meter relays. They are Ed Ivory, Phillip Jones, Justin Thomas and Mark Roberts. Ivory will also run the 100 meters and Thomas will run the 200. Little Cypress-Mauriceville will send Hayden Reed in both shot put and discus in Class 4-A and Alex Sezar will run in both the 100 and 200-meters. Good luck to all you guys.*****It’s playoff time. The Bridge City Lady Cards play LaGrange at 7 p.m., Thursday in Aldine. Games two and three will be played Saturday same place.***The Bridge City boys meet Smithville at 7:30 Thursday. Games two and three will be 1 p.m. Saturday. All games will be played at Conroe Oak Ridge.***The Little Cypress-Mauriceville boys will face Montgomery at 7 p.m., Thursday at Lamar. Game two at Montgomery and if necessary game three at LC-M.*****President Obama came to Texas Tuesday, proving he thinks Texas will be in play in 2012 either on the state or national level. He gave an immigration speech in El Paso and attended a fun raiser in Austin. Meanwhile, the Texas Legislature is slashing funds for basic service, schools, prisons, mental health care and nursing homes. I thought Lt. Gov. Dewhurst would have been the hero by relieving the pain with some of the “Rainy Day” funds. He would hold Gov. Perry’s feet to the fire when Perry said he would use his veto. Ten billion is just sitting there. Dewhurst, running for United State Senate, didn’t have the guts to challenge him. Does he really have the guts to be in the Senate?*****Special folks we know celebrating birthdays: Four great elderly people we know marking their special day are, Charles Webb, the old skier, Imogene McKinney, election judge, Ann Bryant, the longest serving school teacher in county history and a very special birthday wish to Inez Turner who turns 102 on May 17.***Also our friends Judge Pat Clark, Nancy Chenella, Sam Lucia, pretty Deborah Ellender and Angelea Breaux.***FaceBook friends celebrating on May 13, Jeff Fledderjohn, May 15, Ronda Savoy and Bryan Boldt Sr. and May 16, Jeremy Chaddrick.***Major Brad Frey celebrates a birthday May 17. I wonder what surprises are planned for him. I might have some suggestions.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’s and next week at Novrozsky’s. The place is under new ownership. A real nice guy, Bill Carden, is president. Nothing will change, not even Uncle Jim. However, some improvement will be made. I’ve never gotten a bad meal at Robert’s or Novrozsky’s. Everyone is welcome.*****We heard from our longtime friend the Rev. Rusty Waldon, who is now the pastor at Trinity Baptist in Orange. Years ago he wrote a column for us that was very popular. We hope he finds time to write again..*****Oprah has only seven more shows to tape. The two shows before the last Oprah Winfrey Show will be taped May 17 to air May 23 and 24 at Chicago’s United Center. It’s billed as “Surprise Oprah.” A star studded spectacular with thousands of people, best friend Gayle King planned it and Oprah doesn’t know who will appear on the shows. The last show will air on May 25, ending 25 years.*****Plan to attend the open rodeo, Saturday, May 14 at the Longhorn Club. It promises to be a good one. Ray Cotton and Coleman Peveto say, “Y’all come, it’s rodeo time.” I look forward to seeing those two cowboys.*****Don’t miss the Farmers Market Saturday, starting at 6:30 a.m. to 10: a.m. This week they also start selling vegetables 4-7 p.m. on Wednesday afternoons. Fresh produce, new potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, etc. A few vine ripe tomatoes should start coming in. Get there early.


Jonathan Jackson will turn 29 on May 11 and Frances Fisher will be 50.***Yogi Berras will be 86 on May 12; Burt Bacharach, 83; Emilio Estevez, 49; Stephen Baldwin, 45 and Malcolm David Kelley, 19.***May 13, Harvey Keitel, 72; Stevie Wonder, 61; Dennis Rodman, 50 and Robert Pattinson, 25.***May 14, Quincy Jones, 78; George Lucas, 67; Tim Roth, 50 and Cate Blanchett, 42.***May 16, Pierce Brosnan, 58; Rosie Perez, 48; Janet Jackson, 45; Tori Spelling, 38 and Megan Fox, 25.***May 17, Bill Paxton, 56; Bob Seget, 55; Sugar Ray Leonard, 55; Craig Ferguson, 49 and Jordan Knight, 41.


A new supermarket opened in da old maid Clotile Badeaux’s neighborhood and Clotile her, went to buy her cat some food. She picked up four cans and went to da checkout. Da girl at da register said, “Mais, I’m sorry, but it’s da policy of da company dat we can’t sell you no cat food witout proff you got a cat. A lot of old people buy cat food to eat.”
Clotile went home and brought her cat back to da store. Dey let her have da cat food. A few days later, she tried to by six cans of dog food. Again da checker say, “I’m sorry me, but I can’t sell you dog food witout proff you got a dog.”
Again Clotile got da dog and brought it to da store. Da next day, Clotile brought a box wit a hole in da lid. She ake da cashier to stick her finger in da hole. Da cashier said, “No, you might got a snake in dere.”
Clotile convinced her she no got a snake in dere.
Reluctantly da cahier put her finger in and pulled it out and said, “Yuck, dis smell like crap.”
Clotile say, “It is, me I want to buy four rolls of toilet paper.”


It’s come time to vote in local elections. If you didn’t early vote, Saturday is Election Day and your last opportunity. I know the candidates must be disappointed with the early turn out. These candidates are offering their service for no pay because they care about our schools and cities. Some day it will become more difficult to vote. In fact, this will be your last time to vote without a picture ID. The Texas Legislature has passed, and the governor will sign, a bill designed to depress voting by making voting rights more difficult. The more we’re involved in our communities, the better communities we’ll have. You can’t leave it to the other person to express your wishes. Make your voice heard. Simply vote.*****Well, I’ve come to the end of the line one more time. I hope in this column there is a little something for everyone. Thanks for your time and loyalty. Please support our family of advertisers who bring you this paper at no charge. Check us out on our website for up to the minute breaking news, compliments of our advertisers. Gotta go. Take care and God bless.