Monday evening, Officers Stephenson and Pruitt were dispatched out in reference to a disturbance in Orange. When officers arrived, they were met outside by a witness who told police that a victim had been assaulted by her juvenile daughter.

Officer Stephenson entered the residence and observed the victim had swelling under her eye and blood on her arm near the wrist.. There was also an abrasion on the inside of her wrist.

The suspect was in her bedroom when police arrived on the scene. Officer Pruitt arrived and was familiar with the suspect and met with her.

A witness at the scene told officers that the victim was going to discipline her daughter and asked her to go to her bedroom, while she followed with a belt. The victim told her daughter to turn around and bend over and the daughter refused. The victim began to spank the suspect’s legs.

As the mother spanked the daughter, the daughter drew back her fist and began hitting her mother and would not stop until the witness intervened.

The victim told police she would like to press charges against her daughter for assault.

When officers called the juvenile probation department, they were advised to detain the suspect and transport her to the police station, and await their call.

She was then transported to the Jefferson County Juvenile Facility.