Firefighters have put out a large grass fire near Vidor, after fighting to contain it over night. Emergency services and the Texas Forestry Service fought the fire.

The fire began about 8:00 PM Tuesday evening and stretched about a mile along the railroad tracks off Hwy. 1440 and Old Hwy 90. The fire spread about 30 feet wide in some places.

According to Bryant Champagne, Orange County ESD #1 Fire Chief, Amtrack service was stopped to allow fire crews’ equipment onto the tracks. Service resumed about 1:30 AM today when crews were able to put the fire out.

Cause of the fire is being investigated, but officials believe it was started from rail car brakes sparking, and catching fire in the dry brush along the tracks.

No homes or businesses were in any danger from the flames.





Firefighters are fighting a wildfire on Highway 90 in Orange County tonight. The fire is burning in the 1400 block of Old Hwy. 90.

It is not known how the fire started or if any homes are other structures are in danger.

Watch for details as they are made available.