A Bridge City man has been arrested for the September 3, 1999 beating of Indianapolis, In. resident Victor “Bud” Gregg. Frank Ulysses Tiller attacked Gregg at his home in Indiana as he was taking out his garbage.

Tiller beat, robbed and killed Gregg for $6.00. The 83 year old Gregg sustained blunt force trauma and strangulation injuries.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept., cold case detectives found a piece of evidence from the 1999 homicide that had not been DNA tested. Once it was tested, the results were placed into the CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) database.

The system matched the sample to a man who had been arrested in Louisiana, who was identified as Frank Tiller.

Indianapolis detectives began searching for Tiller, whose last known address was on Granger St. in Bridge City. The detectives contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s office for assistance in locating Tiller.

Tiller was found by investigators at the Granger St. residence. Investigators matched Tiller’s DNA sample with the DNA sample taken in Indianapolis.

Tiller is currently in the Orange County Correctional Facility and authorities expect to extradite him back to Indianapolis within the week.