Thursday morning, Officer Caleb Davis with the Orange Police Dept., was dispatched to the police station in reference to debit/credit card fraud. Upon arrival, Officer Davis met with Conis Peveto, Jr., who stated that a known suspect had unlawfully secured funds from his account by using his debit card from an Orange bank.

Two transactions occurred, both on March 30, and both in Orange. The first was at an ATM on 16th St., the second on Lutcher Dr.

Peveto told police that approximately two months ago, he gave the suspect the debit card and PIN, to make a purchase for him. This is about the time the fraudulent transactions took place.

Peveto also stated that the transactions were not made with his consent.

Police said Peveto waited so long to file charges because he was giving the suspect time to return the card and make restitution. He stated he wishes to file charges when the suspect is located.

The amount stolen was over $360.