Saturday morning, Orange County Sheriff’s officers responded to a call in the 6900 block of Johnson Rd. in Mauriceville. The caller advised 911 dispatch that a man had forced his way into the home and was assaulting her parents.

Upon arrival, deputies found 42 year old, Billy Wayne Slaydon, of Deweyville, on the floor, inside the residence with a gunshot wound. EMS was unable to revive the suspect when they arrived on the scene.

Orange County’s homicide investigation team was notified and responded, and investigators spoke to several witnesses. It was determined that Slaydon came to the residence looking for his girlfriend, who was inside.

Apparently, Slaydon had assaulted the girlfriend earlier that morning at another location. Her parents picked her up, and she went home with them to get away from him. When Slaydon went to the home and the homeowner wouldn’t answer the door, he forced his way in to the home.

Once inside, the suspect began assaulting the female homeowner and her husband. The woman was able to get away from him and get her pistol from the bedroom. She returned to the living room and found Slaydon still assaulting her husband. The woman fired the pistol, fatally wounding the man.

Justice of the Peace, Janis Menard, responded to the scene and pronounced the suspect deceased. The man was then transported to the Jefferson County Morgue for an autopsy.

The homeowners and their daughter were transported to a hospital where all three were treated for their injuries, and released.

No charges have been filed in the shooting, and an investigation is ongoing. Upon completion of the investigation, the case will be turned over to the Orange County District Attorney’s office for review.