I hope that every mother had a good Mother’s Day.  I was privileged to be sitting by four different generations of our family. We also had Virgie Scales in Church. In fact we have been going to church for over 50 years with Virgie. 

I once got a corsage for being the youngest mother in the Mother’s Day Sunday service.

In fact, the one that made me the youngest mother was present this Sunday also.

Following the worship service the youth of the church served lunch to all that wanted to attend.

I found another simple salad and it seems as if it will be easy to make.  You should be able to find fresh asparagus or you can use frozen.

3 medium tomatoes
1 medium lemon
1 lb, fresh or frozen shrimp
1 to 11/2 asparagus
2 Tbsp parsley
1/4 cup sliced green onions
Fresh herb dressing

Cut tomatoes in wedges and slice lemons.  Cook fresh shrimp one to three minutes, frozen shrimp according to package.  Drain and set aside.  Cut asparagus in one to two inch pieces.  In mixing bowl combine shrimp, asparagus, lemons, onion and parsley. Pour herb dressing over shrimp and vegetables. Cover and shill, stirring twice.

To serve drain vegetables, toss with tomatoes, pile in lettuce lined bowl. Serves four. Sounds Gooder’n Syrup to me.  Von