Rainstorms were all around last week but none reached us. I didn’t get a drop. A chance of rain is forecasted later this week. There’s a 70 percent chance we won’t get any. *****Oil by the barrel has dropped by $9, yet it’s not reflected at the pump. Seven in ten Americans say the high cost of fuel is causing financial hardship. I believe gas prices have peaked. I predicted gas prices would drop and I still believe that. However, oil companies are acting way too slow after oil drops to come down on gasoline. Profits keep rising and the congress is not willing to put their feet to the fire. *****All the world problems mean nothing to those poor folks who are getting flooded out of their homes or the folks trying to recover from all the damage done by tornados and 239 deaths in Alabama. The loss in Louisiana from the Mississippi River will be far more devastating to farm lands and the Atchafalaya River Basin than you can imagine. Even the crawfish industry will be destroyed. We really don’t have a right to complain. Many of those people will never see their homes again. The land they were raised on and farmed will be years recovering. We should all count our blessings. Our problems, no rain, etc. are just a drop in a flood of problems. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


When Donald Trump made waves again about running for president, we said he wouldn’t, that it was his usual four-year stunt. He took off with a bang then came the slam he took at the Correspondents Dinner. President Obama produced his birth certificate then killed Bin Laden. Trump was forgotten. He was never serious about running, just self -promoting, which he’s good at. He couldn’t win. Also, a couple of months ago we said Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee would not run because they would be giving up too much money and couldn’t win. Preacher Huckabee never before has made real money like he’s making with FOX News now. He’s building his first big new home, plus he’s smart enough to know that after Bin Laden, the odds turned heavy toward Obama. Another thing to look for now that Newt Gingrich has jumped in the hot water is that he will spend time in Texas and leave the impression that Rick Perry is his choice for vice-president. Perry wants to be a vice president, that’s why he is not raising taxes but is passing the burden onto local governments, schools and tripling fees. It makes him look good on the national scene, plus Texas is a big Electoral College state.


The regular Texas Legislative session ends May 30. Senate bills must have preliminary house approval by midnight, May 24. The two-year state budget has yet to be approved by both chambers. Gambling in Texas is alive because it’s called a revenue measure. An altered gambling bill to allow slot machines at racetracks and Indian Reservations moved out of the house committee last week. Rep. Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton is the committee chairman who moved the gambling bill. “There’s not enough interest in the house at the moment, perhaps in a summer special session, as members look for more no-tax revenue,” Hamilton said. I still don’t see where that kind of gaming in Texas can possibly help our little part of the state. Large cities and Indian Reservations will reap the profits and the jobs. Meanwhile, major health insurers are enjoying their third year of record profits yet the companies are pressing for higher rates. Gas prices are high, food prices are going up, the working class are being held hostage by big oil and the nation’s major health insurers and now the legislature wants to pick their pockets by opening up gambling. Meanwhile schools, nursing homes and the elderly get short changed. Go figure.


It is with sadness that we learned of the death of coach Garey Birt Peveto, who died in an auto accident while returning from the state track meet on May 14. Peveto, the son of the late coach Ed Peveto was raised in Orangefield where he was an all-state football player and all-state track star. He was a four-year football letterman at SFA. He followed in his dad and brother’s footsteps and went into coaching and was a coach at New Waverly at the time of death. Please see obits for more information.

12 Years Ago-1994

Louis Dugas, Richard Turkel and Jay Tantzen, local attorneys, argued before the entire Fifth Federal Circuit. Sixteen black robed judges heard the argument and many asked questions. The three said it was an exciting and grand experience. (Editor’s note: I don’t know if they won or not. Louis has gone to join Beth but Richard and Jay are still around. I’ll have to ask. What an experience that must have been for those three country lawyers.(*****By the way, Louis says Karen Jo Vance gave him a book titled, “Why You Say It,” that has been quite valuable to him.*****At this time Orange County has 70 lawyers. (Editor’s note: I wonder how many are left?)*****Continuing with lawyers, a lady judge from Houston is pitch-hitting for Judge Pat Clark while he is recovering from surgery. Believe it or not, her name is Judge Dunn, giving Orange County two Judge Dunn’s. The other is Judge David Dunn, who is planning to retire when this term is over. While in Orange, the lady Judge Dunn attended Sharon Bearden’s annual outdoor bar party. Tailgates of pickup trucks were used for sitting. Judge Dunn, the lady judge, enjoyed the outing but says, “You folks do bar parties quite differently than Houston bar parties.” (Editor’s note: I remember that gathering, Bearden was looking forward to Jim Sharon finishing law school at Texas Tech in December meaning Sharon would get a raise come January and next year he might be able to afford an indoor party.)*****Evelyn Morse, 73, passed away last week, May 11. She leaves behind husband Howard, sons Gary, Wayne and Kenneth and daughter Kathleen. A grandson she helped raise preached her service. (Editor’s note: We’ve known the Morses a long time. Evelyn was a fine lady. Husband Howard is still going strong and serves on the Bridge City Bank Board.)*****Congrats to Orangefield pole-vaulter Eric Eshbach, who vaulted 18.21/4 feet at the state track meet. No high school vaulter in the history of the world has ever flown that high. His teammate Johnathan Henley won the silver with 17.3 foot vault. The boys are coached by Joe Hester.*****Bruce Aven, former West Orange-Stark star, now in the majors, hit a three-run homer in the Marlin 14-3 win over the Brewers. Bruce is hitting .372 in the majors.*****The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears knocked the Carthage Bulldogs out of the playoffs after a 5-4 loss in the first game. Senior lefthander, Josh Gray, pitched a shutout in game two. The Bears won 6-0. Then came back to pitch three endings in game three, in a come from behind 11-5 victory. The Bears of coach “Grif” meets Brenham next.*****The Orangefield Bobcats, coached by Jeff Smith beats Huntington 5-4 in a come from behind win to advance in 3-A Playoffs, winning two out of three games. The Bobcats will meet Hudson in Jasper in a one game winner take all.*****Orangefield golf team are district champs. They are Clifton English, Kevin Ernst, Jarred Marks, Dustin Williams and Chris Holbrook. (Editor’s note: I often wonder what became of so many of the young athletes I watched over the past 50 years in their high school triumphs. Some I’ve never heard about again. They just seem to vanish.)*****The Bridge City Chamber SCORE Chapter 521 named Lester “Buckshot” Winfree “Small Businessman of the Year”. He is the owner of Winfree Rice and Cattle Company. *****Mary Dorothea Smith will celebrate a birthday May 21. (Editor’s note: What became of Aunt Mary anyway? A few years ago I heard she moved to Vinton after Walter died. I’m not sure she’s still alive.)*****Gisela Houseman, is attending a CASA convention in Kansas City. Ms. Houseman serves as CASA president.


Denise Kincade, Frank Finchum, Jimmy Tupiln, Kim Hanks, Ron Hutchison, Richard Allensworth, Shelley Dugan, Sydney Taylor, Cheryl Stone, Chris Day, Harry Dodge, Hubert Spradling, Jean Duplantis, Justin Knight, Leon Carter, Mark Watts, Niki Bennett, Bret Shuford, Dalayna Sandlin, John Sims, David Jones, James Batson, Karen Gros, Lucie Rucker, Pat Bland, Alayna Womack, Bill Pope, Babette Philpott, Charlotte Foreman, Hannah Dupuis, James R. Braus, Sarah McClure, Gary Fontenot, June Gregory, Lauren Parrish, Will Schisler, Bailey McCurry, Gary Hollingsworth, John Hanes, Louis Purifoy, Billy Raymer, McCartney Miller, Justin Trahan, Tracy Davis, Amanda Uzzle, Philip Douglas Thomas, Joey Williams, Rusty Williams, Fran Bullard, Gracie Lemley, Jane Logsdon, Nelson Derrick and Chris Green.


City and school elections are over. In most cases Saturday saw a fair turnout but overall it was a low turnout. The biggest surprise to me was only a 238-vote turnout in Orange’s District 4, city election. The poor turnout saw a good public servant, Jimmy Sims, defeated by 16 votes. A political unknown, Annette Pernell, won 127 votes to Jimmy’s 111. James, who is serving as mayor pro-tem is very knowledgeable in city matters, very low key and dedicated worker for good changes. We wish Ms. Pernell the best. Sixteen votes is not a mandate, she will have to shorten the learning curve and get up to date on a fast track. Many irons are in the fire that are coming down the pike. As for Jimmy, I think he would be a good mayor and maybe that chance will come. Maybe he has learned that it takes a lot of work to get people to the polls. Citizens take way too much for granted, let the other people do it and that’s what leads to the defeat of good incumbents. Congrats to all the winners and also to the WOCCISD on their successful bond issue.*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs win a third state tract meet in a row and set new records in the 400 and 800 meter relays. Congrats to speedsters Ed Ivory, Mark Roberts, Phillip Jones and Justin Thomas. They ran the 400 in 40.89 and the 800 in 1:25.86 and that’s flying. I learned Monday that West Orange-Stark track coach Toby Forman was going to announce his resignation Tuesday to accept a coaching job in Texarkana. That’s no surprise; Toby wants to move up the coaching ladder. He will be a big loss to the Mustangs and we wish him the best.*****Congrats also to Little Cypress-Mauriceville’s Hyden Reed for winning gold in both the discus and shot put.*****It was disappointing for LC-M not to have the opportunity to advance. Coach Griff’s youngsters had the talent to go much farther but that’s baseball. To all the seniors who gave so much joy, we hope for them a great life. Baseball has taught them a lot about life, the ups and downs, the hard work and setting goals.*****Congratulations to the Bridge City Cardinals on their two out of three wins. The Cards are advancing to take on Giddings, Wednesday, at College Park High in the Woodlands, at 7:30 p.m. Game two will be Friday and if needed a third game will be played Saturday. All of Orange County should now support the Cards.*****Two major events occurred 84 years ago, in 1927. Babe Ruth hit 60 homeruns and Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic in 33.5 hours, arriving in Paris and was met by 100,000 admirers.*****Orange County Juvenile Probation Dept. Administrative Assistant Shannon Pruett and husband Steve are on a seven-day, kid free cruise. Parents, Charlie and Glenda Bloomfield and Sharon and Louis Davis, are taking turns keeping the kids.*****A few special folks we know that are celebrating birthdays. Hubert “Sprad” Spradling already got his birthday gift, a new baby Lama that the family named Hope. Their famous Lama “Honey Bun” died a few months ago.***A very special happy birthday to Karen Dunn Gros who celebrates a big one on May 20.***Good friend Babette Philpott celebrates a day later.***Pretty June Gregory and Amanda Uzzle mark their special day.***Bill Pope, longtime Record employee, is old enough to get Social Security as is Darby Byrd and Leon Carter.***Ron Hutchison and David Jones are getting older as is Kim Davis, David Ivy and Ricky Land.***NFL kicker, Matt Bryant, celebrates another birthday. As a pro player, he needs birthdays to slow down.***Billy Raymer celebrates a birthday this week, also he and Kristy’s little angel, Kyndel, turns 1-year-old on May 21. She’s Beverly and Jody Raymer’s grandchild and Ms. Pearl Burgess’ great grandchild. If the world doesn’t come to an end Saturday, a party will be held at Alford Park in West Orange.***FaceBook friends celebrating May 18, Amy Copeland, Regan Lewis and Clarence Yarbrough.***Del Burke celebrates May 19.*** George Gros, Grady Gray and the wonderful Tina Cotton all celebrate May 23.  Happy birthday to all.*****Happy 56th anniversary to our friends Les and Wanda Johnson. Coach is now retired and he and Wanda spend a lot of time working out. They are looking good and in great health. Les is also a successful truck farmer who raises produce for his large family and friends. Best wishes for many more happy, healthy years.*****Blake Shelton married Miranda Lambert Saturday in Boerne, Texas, northwest of San Antonio. 550 guests including Reba, Martina and many other country stars attended. Venison was served. Lambert, 27, is from Longview, Blake, 34, is from Oklahoma. It’s her first wedding, his second.*****One of the world’s most powerful men, IMF chief, Dominique Strauss Kahn was arrested in New York on attempted rape charges. He was the leading candidate to be president of France. Anytime rape is involved, it’s a serious charge. However, I have trouble wrapping my mind around attempted rape. His arrest at this time is bad for global economic recovery and Europe’s debt crisis, which is spinning out of control. It’s way more involved than I can explain in this short space.***** Our condolences to Sandy Kaufman, Judge Pat Clark’s Court Coordinator, who lost her mother Tuesday, May 10. Sandy was with her in Missouri when she passed.


On May 18, George Strait will be 59; Tina Fey, 41 and Jack Johnson, 36.***Nora Ephron will be 70 on May 19.***Cher will be 65 on May 20; Timothy Olyphant, 43; Road Dogg, 41 and Tony Stewart, 40.***May 21, Jonathan Hyde will be 64; Mr. T will be 59; Ricky Williams, 34 and Judge Reinhold, 54.***May 22, Naomi Campbell, 41; Maggie Q, 32; Apolo Anton Ohno, 29.***May 23, Joan Collins will be 78 and Drew Carey, 53.***Bob Dylan will be 70 on May 24; Patti LaBelle, 67; Priscilla Presley, 66, Rosanne Cash, 56 and Kristin Scott Thomas, 51.


Clovis Robicheaux was having some mental issues so his friend Oris Boudreaux suggest he should go see Dr. Chenier, da philologist, for an evaluation. Clovis him, he make an appointment and Monday he went to see da doctor.
Da doctor him, drew a round picture on a sheet of paper an axe Clovis wat he tought of wen he see da circle, him?
Clovis say, “SEX.”
Da doc drew a square and axe wat he see now.
Again Clovis say “SEX.”
Next, da doc drew a rectangle, “Wat you see?” he axe.
“Me, I see SEX.” Clovis answer.
Da doctor say, “Mr. Robicheaux, all you got on you brain is sex.”
Clovis answer, “Well, Doc, it’s not me drawing dem nasty pictures.”


This week we are running a fascinating, heart-warming story about Rebecca Messer, “Becky” to all who have known her these many years but didn’t know her life story. A well-written story with pictures by Darla Daigle, tells the story of the road Becky traveled and the wonderful outcome. She is the longtime wife of Dr. Mark Messer. Be sure to read it. *****Now on our website you can read the entire paper cover to cover without downloading. It’s all new so check it out and let your out-of- town family and friends know they can read The Record on the with up to the minute, breaking news. *****Well, the news broke that over 10 years ago, Arnold was bedding the domestic help and one affair produced a child. That’s no surprise. What is surprising is that the story held so long and through his political career he supported the child and not a leak. After leaving the California governor’s office he told Maria and the split up came. A ten-year secret in today’s world is amazing. *****Goodbye Newt. *****Gotta get out of here. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.