Orange police responded to a call in reference to a burglary if a habitation Wednesday afternoon. When police arrived on the scene, they met with the victim, John Gray, Jr., who advised that sometime between 6:00 am, and 3:22 pm, an unknown suspect entered the house without consent.

Gray told Officer Marcus Bernard that many items had been removed from the bedrooms. Gray also told police that he is a roommate at the residence and the homeowner, William Burch does wish to press charges if a suspect is located.

Gray said that when he arrived to the residence, he noticed that the patio door was open and he began to inspect the house. While inspecting the house, he found doors opened that weren’t supposed to be, and found items that were out of place.

Neither of the doors opened showed signs of a forced entry. Gray advised police that the doors are always locked and they are the only points of entry and exit. He is unsure of how the doors were opened.

Some of the items reported missing include televisions, jewelry and other electronics.