The City of Orange Fire Department promoted a new Captain today at a ceremony held at Fire Station #3 at 3 p.m. Travis Seals was promoted to Captain following a promotional exam given on Wednesday, May 18. Five firefighters took the exam and Seals achieved the highest score.

The Captains position became available in December when the 31 year veteran Captain Kenny Parsons retired. Following civil service rules, the promotional exam was posted 90 days before the test date.

The time preceding the 90 day posting was filled with determining appropriate study material and hiring a vendor to create the exam. High security procedures were followed to insure no one in the fire department had any knowledge of the tests content.

To this day, the only people that have witnessed any of the test questions created by the vendor are the five firefighters that participated in the exam process.

Travis Seals has been an employee of the City of Orange Fire Department for over six years. His typical job duties as a firefighter was driving one of the fire engines and occasionally being “stepped up” to the Captains position while the assigned Captains were on vacation.

Travis has proven himself to be a valued asset to the Fire Department and the leadership has high confidence that he will make an outstanding fire officer. His new duties will include completing emergency incident reports, directly supervising several firefighters, supervising the operation of a fire station, and commanding a fire engine.