We congratulate all the young men and women who have completed their high school education. You will find that it’s a giant leap from here on out. Unfortunately, things will be harder for you than it has been for those before you. Here in Texas, higher education will be more difficult to come by. Education budget cuts by lawmakers mean tuition will go up and grants will be lost. If you are a poor youngster, it will be harder to go to college because financial aid is short. Universities will go up on tuition. It will be harder but it’s doable. You might not be able to go away to college but we’re fortunate to have Lamar and McNeese in the area. You might have to live at home longer than you had planned but remember it’s the goal, the end result that matters. Graduation week always concerns me. I worry over auto accidents. Over the years there have been too many sad endings. Be smart, be careful, stay safe and best wishes. *****I’ve got to move on. If you do go away, keep up with home on our website, Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


By the time the wide tornado, one of the deadliest in U.S. history, ripped through Joplin, Missouri, many people were left dead or injured. Over 2,000 structures were leveled. Many stories will emerge in time but one that sticks out in my mind is about the nurse at St. John’s Hospital, who rushed upstairs to look after the patients in ER. She was sucked up by the storm, thrown through a ninth floor window. Her body was found blocks away. Glass exploded from every window; even IV-lines were ripped from patient’s arms. Most patients were covered with blood from the broken glass. Throughout the city death was everywhere. One hundred and twenty bodies were recovered; more are expected to be found under the rubbish. Hundreds are injured. That is just a small part of thousands of stories yet to be told. Many of us are familiar with Joplin. Some have relatives there, others have visited. It’s hard to imagine the hell a storm has caused this city left in tatters by Mother Nature. It’s a deadly season throughout our country. We are also faced with floods or droughts and more on the way. All we can do is pray for our fellow countrymen and our nation.


 We lost a good man, a caring person, and a friend. Shannon Messer, 88, passed away May 25. The World War II veteran was a pillar of the Bridge City community. He was also a former publisher of the town’s community paper, The Penny Record, until 1993 when the present owners acquired it. Our friend “Buddy” Messer and his wife of 61 years, Thelma, raised a great family and saw many offspring come along. We will long remember Mr. Messer. He never let grass grow under his feet. He was happiest when accomplishing things. He was admired by many and will be missed. He left his mark through example. Please see obit.
We were sorry to learn about the death of James York, only 45 years old, who died May 20, while playing his drums. James loved music and like his dad Phil was a butcher working for his aunt and uncle at Robert’s Market. His dad also died of heart problems. Our condolences to his family. Graveside services will be held Wednesday, May 25, 2 p.m. at Hillcrest Cemetery near Bridge City. Please See Obit.
Gene “Teneag” Marks, 81, died May 17. He will long be remembered for his youth work. Condolences to the family. Please see obit.


The Bridge City Cardinals take on the Waco Robinson Rockets Thursday, 7:30 p.m. at Magnolia West High School in game one, in the best of three series. Game two will be Saturday, 4:30 p.m., same place and game three, if necessary, follows. If you can’t make the Thursday night game, make plans to attend Saturday and support the Cards. It’s a nice drive. The Cards deserve a nice turnout of fans. Good luck and go get ‘um Big Red.


Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. There are stories as to its actual beginnings, but it was first proclaimed on May 5, 1868 by General John Logan, in his General Order #11 and was first observed on May 30, 1868, when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers. The South refused to acknowledge Decoration Day, honoring their dead on separate days until after World War I. It is now celebrated in almost every state on the last Monday in May (passed by Congress in 1968 to ensure a three day weekend for Federal holidays), though several southern states have an additional, separate day for honoring the Confederate war dead.

12 Years Ago-1999

On May 23, a tragic collision claimed the life of an Orange couple in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Orange mail carrier Patsy Barron Kuluris and her husband James, died instantly when their small pickup, parked at an I-10 truck check point, was hit by a truck’s trailer rig. The explosion also killed the driver of the rig. Patsy, a 20-year postal employee had recently married James after being married to Billy Barron for 20 years.*****Bruce Aven keeps rolling along. Today, he is batting .385 for the Florida Marlins.***** Celebrity birthdays, Priscilla Presley is 54 and Gladys Knight is 55.***On May 29, Bob Hope will be 96. (Editor’s note: Hope celebrated his 73rd to 79th birthdays in this area while raising funds for Hughen School.)*****Deion Sanders married actress/model Pillar Biggers. *****Louis Dugas says the French have a word, “Raconteur” for good story tellers. According to Dugas three of this areas best are Roy Wingate, Carl Thibodeaux and Roy Dunn. *****Mark and Sharon Dunn’s youngsters Amber Dunn and Jason Menard graduate from Bridge City High. Amber is also celebrates her birthday on May 30.*** Top grads from B.C. are Tiffany Meyers, valedictorian and Shanter Stone, salutatorian.***Top Little Cypress-Mauriceville grads are Marisa Bonneaux and Maria Tran.***West Orange-Stark’s top are David Frenzel and Brandy Conrad. Orangefield’s Emily Mazzola and Teresa Legate are top grads.*****High School baseball season comes to an end. L.C.-M was edged out by Brenham in the first game, 4-3. The Bears won the second game 9-1, but Brenham won the third game 12-1 in best of three series.***In the regional quarterfinals, Orangefield went for a one game, winner takes all and lost 8-6 to powerful Lufkin Hudson.

32 Years Ago-1979

State Rep. Wayne Peveto receives gavel from House Speaker Bill Clayton. Peveto was recognized for his leadership. Also, after seven years, Rep. Peveto saw his property tax bill (SB621) pass the House and Senate and sent to Gov. Clements for signing. The Peveto Bill had lost battles in 1975 and 1977. Peveto is a strong advocate of tax reform. The headline in the El Paso paper asked, “What is a Peveto?”*****Dist Judge Don Burgess finds attorney Louis Dugas in “Contempt of Court.” Lou is in the custody of sheriff Ed Parker. *****Bridge City students at Lamar earning perfect 4.0 grade point average are Brigid Angelle, Elizabeth Chandler, David Daigle, George Durling, Kevin Hayes, Denise Lormand, Ronald Stokes and Susan Moon.*****Roy Wingate addresses the assemblage at the dedication of the Putnam B. Curry Historical Commissioner marker. Dr. Howard Williams does the unveiling.


Sheriff Keith Merritt is studying to become a captain, a boat captain that is. He will complete the course this week. He and a couple of his deputies will be certified to pilot a new ship being built. It will be a valuable tool here on the Gulf Coast and inland bayous.*****Our longtime, dear friend, Mary Alice Cole Hartsfield, who has served in several capacities of employment in the county, will be retiring from her position with the tax office on July 30. A dedicated worker she has made many friends and is sure to be missed not only by Linda Gunstream and employees, but also by the public she’s served for these many years.*****Congrats to Gislia Houseman who was honored as “Woman of the Year” by Altruse International for her patriotism, efficiency and service to the community.*****Judge Janice Menard’s “Jersey Village” is well on its way to being completed. It might be ready for Judge Janice to render Pct. 3 justice in mid-July.*****Congrats to Shea Landry, new W.O.-S head baseball coach. It seems like just yesterday he was playing at LC-M and selling clothes on the side at Terry’s Men’s Wear. We wish him the best.*****Coach and A.D. Cornell Thompson, at WO-S, has a few positions to fill that have become vacant. I was disappointed to see coach Toby Foreman leave. It’s a great athletic school and Coach Thompson won’t have any trouble filling the jobs.*****Harry and Margie Stephens closed Harry’s Appliance this week in order to give employees and themselves vacation time. They will re-open Tuesday, May 31. *****Ross Smith is not only a good guy, he believes in our community and continues to make investments here. We need more people like Ross. *****Patsy Peck and Ellen Ray, with TraVerus, have planned a trip, “Christmas in Charleston” for Dec. 3 to Dec. 7. It’s a great itinerary. A trip you will long remember. To make reservations and for more information call Patsy,  or Ellen, . Karen Jo, have you packed your bags yet? *****As for me, I’m going to pick up some jumbo shrimp from Larkin, at the Shrimp Boat. He has a big Memorial Day sale on all seafood. Jumbos are great for the grill. He’s located on Hwy 62 at 105.*****Last week we got a mess of cracklins from Paw Paw Harvey, on 1442. No one, nowhere cooks up better cracklins, not even in Louisiana. I made a big cracklin cornbread. A cracklin in every bite.*****Courtney Burch Arkeen to be sworn in Wednesday, May 25 as new 128 District Judge.*****Carlis Roy, an elementary teacher for 31 years, will retire from BCISD. In-laws, Paul and Nettie Roy, hosted a retirement party at their place on Cow Bayou Saturday. Congrats and good luck.*****Our buddy, Rosalie Clark, had knee replacement surgery in Houston Friday. It won’t be long before she can kick high.*****Lately Sharon Bearden has been spending a lot of time at the Bridge City Little League park.*****Constable Chris Humble and Mark Philpott returned over the weekend from a required law enforcement school. Babette went along to keep them straight and make sure they got up and made the classes. *****Justices of the Peace in Orange County take turns being on call nights. Last week was Judge David Peck’s turn in the barrel. Sometimes judges get lucky and get to sleep all night but that wasn’t Peck’s case. He handled many arraignments, some for bad actors and also laid some heavy bonds, as well he should. *****Wedding bells will ring out Wednesday for our account executive Amber Nobles and her fiancé Shawn Lingo. Congrats and best wishes.


Jo Lynn Harris, Judy Duncan, Sheryl Frazier, Cutler Hubbard, Archie McLellan, Barbara Olson, George Ragsdale, Logan New, Greg Williams, Mary Majors, Willamette Reynolds, Dylan Ball, Dylan Maas, Mary Donahey, McKenzie Louvier, Robert Herin, Bruce Montague, Charlene Terro, Honor Lee Smith, Lee Ludwig, Jacque Phelps, Jeanie Larch, Judy Landry, Kyle Smoke, Maureen McAllister, Michael Garcia, Rebecca Brumer, Shelly Smith, Kelli Boehme, Steffan Milligan, A.J. Lemoine, Christina Cunningham, Jerry Jackson, Stacey LaRose, Brian Ousley, Clint Worthy, Kimberlea Worthy, Derek George, Nikki Barron, Nikki Fisette, Darrell Perkins, David Olson, Brad Spooner, Irene Storment, Florence Evans, Rebecca Cartwright, Jeannette Foster, Lauren Brownlie, Macey Joubert, Terry George, Wilda Hart, Rhonda Wilson and Brooke Edwards.


Special folks we know celebrating birthdays. A lovely lady we have known 50 years, Mary Majors, celebrates this week. Marking two birthdays in the same week are the Olson’s Barbara and David. I’m sure they combine the parties. *****Celebrating on May 26 is one of the prettiest women I’ve known. Years ago I wondered why she wasn’t in Hollywood. Even after all those years of living with Ron, Jean Moreau doesn’t show the wear of living with that eccentric guy. ***Pretty Cindy Claybar celebrates this week, also A.J. Lemoine Jr., Jerald Smith and Don Picard. ***The pride of Dunnville, Dr. Amber, marks her special day on Memorial Day, May 30. She’ll be alone in Cleveland, Ohio and will be missed at home. Happy birthday to all. ***FaceBook friends celebrating are Cary Buckner, May 25; Cindy Gunn, May 26; Dan Brack, May 27. *****Happy 21st wedding anniversary to our friends Babette and constable Mark Philpott, who celebrate on May 25.


On May 25, Anne Heche will be 42; Molly Sims, 38; Brian Urlacher, 33 and Eve Ensler, 58.***Stevie Nicks will be 63 on May 26; Lenny Kravitz, 47 and Helena Bonham Carter, 45.***Christopher Lee will be 89 on May 27;Louis Gossett Jr. 75; Adam Carolla, 47; Jamie Oliver, 36 and Joseph Fiennes, 41.***On May 28, John Fogerty will be 66; Kylie Minogue, 43 and Rudy Giuliani, 67.***LeToya Jackson will be 55 on May 29; Annette Bening, 53; Rupert Everett, 52 and Melissa Etheridge, 50.***Wynonna Judd will be 47 on May 30; Clint Eastwood, 81; Joe Namath, 68; Brooke Shields, 46 and Colin Farrell, 35.


Asa Leleaux and his wife Telma were having some problems and were giving demselves da silent treatment. Asa realized him, dat da nex morning he would need Telma to wake him at 5 a.m. for an early morning flight to Houston for a company business trip. Not wanting to be da first one to break da silence (and loose) he wrote on a piece of paper, “Please wake me at 5 a.m.” He left da note where he knew Telma would find it.
Da next morning Asa woke up to discover it was 8 a.m. and he had missed his flight. Furious, Asa was about to go see why Telma hadn’t woke him up wen he noticed a note on da coffee table.
Da paper said, “It is now 5 a.m., wake up.”
Dat’s wen da fight started.


There’s a bunch of folks upset about giving their life’s savings to the prophet who predicted the world would come to an end on May 21. When it didn’t happen they felt they had been taken and are demanding their money back. To start with, they are pretty simple minded to buy into it. Now the con man is saying it’s still going to happen but the new date is Oct. 21. Buying into that is like buying into the congress doing away with Medicare to help us by giving us a voucher system. It’s akin to an assassin on a suicide mission getting 70 virgins when he gets wherever it is he’s going.*****I’ve been telling you for sometime now that gas prices would come down this summer, despite 70 percent of the people polled saying it would go up maybe to $5. It’s coming down but way too slowly and gas got way too high to begin with. The five biggest oil companies argue that recent efforts to abolish billions of dollars a year in tax breaks would take away money they need to create jobs. They don’t mention another place where their money goes; buying back their own stock. Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, BP and Conoco Phillips have poured millions of American dollars into share repurchase programs which increase the value of the companies stock. The practice undermines the industry and Republican arguments that doing away with $21 billion in federal tax incentives will jeopardize production and jobs. Last week, a measure failed a key senate procedural vote. Republicans defeated it. Democratic leaders vowed to keep the effort alive and that alone will bring prices down but with just a threat by the Republicans, gas prices would come down drastically and much faster. The five oil companies mentioned made $563,5 billion in profits and $448.5 billion in buy backs and dividends. Makes one wonder how serious the Republicans are about balancing the budget and shaving the national debt while advocating killing Medicare. Like the end of the world, con-man selling his game, American people also get sold a bag of goods. Unfortunately many buy into it and can’t get their money back.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will meet at Robert’s Restaurant this Wednesday, noon, and next week at Novrozsky’s. Everyone is welcome to come out and join this great group of folks.*****Gotta to go now. Thanks for your time. Read us cover to cover and patronize our advertisers. Take care and God bless.