The burn ban will remain in effect for another 30 days, Orange County commissioners decided Monday.

The last 30-day ban would have concluded today. The ban just voted on will last 30 days from the Monday vote.

Jeff Kelley, emergency management coordinator, said that conditions have just not improved enough to lift the ban.

“We’ll continue to look for that window of opportunity,” Kelley said.

John Dubose, precinct three commissioner, asked if there was another way that they could let the public know about the ban.

“I get calls often,” Dubose said. “The public seems to not know.”

Some counties put up signs saying that a burn ban is in affect, but Orange County does not. The county relies on a flag system that many may not understand, Kelley said.

“We have the flags and the public notices in the media,” Kelley said. “We would like to come up with some kind of signage. I know that some of the fire departments have signs that they put out.”

In other business, the commissioners also made sure that there will be a local option homestead exemption for disabled citizens and for those 65 years of age or older.

Those citizens will have $25,000 in their exemption, the same as last year. Other citizens will continue to have the 20 percent local option.

Lynda Gunstream, county tax assessor, asked the court for an increase in the cost of tax certificates from five dollars to ten.

Gunstream said that the increased charge would help the cover of yearly cost for leased state equipment in the customer service reorganization.

The court passed the increase by a four to one vote, with only Jody Crump, precinct four commissioner, voting against it.