The Texas Department of Public Safety recommends you take safety for a ride this Memorial Day holiday.


will do its part by having all available troopers patrolling Friday

through Monday in an effort to keep the traveling public safer. Drunk

drivers, speeders and seat belt violators face a greater risk of arrest

or a ticket, because of the increased patrols by law enforcement agencies all across the state during the long holiday weekend.


should be about having fun, not a knock on your door and an officer or

trooper telling you your loved one has been killed or seriously injured

in a traffic crash,” said Assistant Director David Baker, Chief of the Texas Highway Patrol. “Don’t let safety take a back seat this holiday season.”


the Memorial Day holiday last year, DPS troopers wrote 6,547 speeding

citations, 1,116 seat belt/child restraint tickets and 914 no insurance

citations. Troopers also arrested 549 impaired drivers.

DPS troopers are among the law enforcement officers taking part in the 10th annual “Click It or Ticket”

campaign, which runs through June 5. A seat belt dramatically reduces

the risk of a fatal injury in a crash—45 percent in cars and 60 percent

in pickups.


also is a participant in Operation CARE—Combined Accident Reduction

Effort—a nationwide effort by police agencies to reduce fatalities

during holidays.

DPS offers these tips for safe travel over the Memorial Day holiday:

· Drinking and driving are a deadly combination. Consider a designated driver or take a cab.

· Buckle up everyone in the vehicle—it’s the law.

· Drive with courtesy; it’s contagious.

· Slow down—especially in bad weather, construction areas and heavy traffic.

· Give the cell phone a vacation—and don’t text while driving.

· Don’t drive drowsy; pull over or switch drivers if you need to.

· Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained.