Thursday afternoon, Officer Christopher Cowart, with the Orange Police Dept/. was dispatched to the 1600 block of 16th St., in reference to a man shoplifting and trespassing. Upon arrival, Officer Cowart made contact with the manager of the Kroger’s store.

The manager told police that the man who was in the checkout line had trespassed earlier in the week, and had merchandise on his person he had not paid for. The white male passed through the checkout line without attempting to pay for the items in his pocket.

The store manager stated that the man had DVDs and a package of Prilosec in his pockets. The subject, who was later identified as Tony Evans, made eye contact with the manager and avoided her as he was leaving he store.

As police was catching up to Evans, he removed two DVDs, valued at $9.99 each, and placed them on the shelf next to him. When asked if he had anything else, he removed the package of Prilosec, valued at $20.49 from his pocket.

Dispatch confirmed to Officer Cowart that Evans had a trespass warning for the property of Kroger’s earlier in the month by the manager.

Officer requested a criminal history check on Evans for prior thefts and dispatch confirmed that Evans has had four prior theft convictions. He was placed into custody and transported to the Orange County Jail, where he was booked for criminal trespass and felony theft.

The property which Evans had taken, totaling $30.48, was released back to Kroger’s staff.