Shortly after our little girls, made of sugar and spice, take their first steps, they climb into grand, fluffy tutus of pink and begin to jump and jete’. For those who really find that movement moves them deep within, and those who can push pass those first years of ‘boring’ lessons, they may be doing their dance moves in a more professional capacity. For Allison Morphew, the years of ballet, tap, jazz and other dance programs has produced an opportunity she just can’t pass up. The now graduated senior from Bridge City High School, was recently informed that she will be an addition to the Blinn College Treasures Dance Team.
For Allison, spending her Senior year as the 1st Lieutenant of the Bridge City Strutters was a culmination of years of taking dance. Those years started young,
“I was about four when I started taking classes,” she says.

She took dance at several area schools, which included Rose Thayer, Excel, and, for a year, Taylor’s.  Excel was unable to reopen after the devastation of hurricane Ike did his waltz through Bridge City. For Allison it wasn’t always just as simple as wanting to dance.
“My parents encouraged me to keep at it,” she said. “After you get through a certain amount of it you want to keep dancing.”

Along side of the number of years she spent perfecting her dance abilities is the variety of dance types in which she participated. She filled her card by taking Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and the less frequented class of clogging.

“Clogging is not as widely used,” explains Allison, “When my sister and I went to competitions we would often throw in some clogging because it was unique. It brought a twist of style to our number.”

Competition is what often exposes people to various other entities that can pave their way to future endeavors. For Allison, becoming a Strutter then brought her to a place to meet Cathy Riley, the Strutter faculty sponsor, who brought the team to a state camp last Summer.

While there Riley introduced Allison to Sarah Barland, the Blinn Treasures Director. Barland, who is also a former resident of Orange County and a graduate of Orangefield High School, suggested Allison audition for the Treasures.

The Blinn Collegiate team has won or placed high in many national competitions, including one this past Spring. Making the team is also a way to gain a scholarship to the college that was founded in 1883.

Situated in Brenham means the campus is 70 miles Northwest of Houston and 90 miles East of Austin. Allison will be close to home but not too close.

“I’m not nervous, I am excited,” she says.

And well she should be, because she will be on scholarship she will also be living in the dorms. Because the scholarship involves athletics she will live in a special segment of dorms set aside for athletes.

“I am elated she made this team!” Riley says. Watching students rise to their full potential is the vision of every educator or coach. Auditions/try-outs for the team were strenuous. Included were skills across the gym floor and a learned routine they then had to perform in groups. At the final tryouts they were required to run a mile. Traditionally the team consists of  20 to 24 team members. The main focus of their dance area uses Jazz, with variations of all types included at times.

Though not officially moving to Brenham until August, Allison will be required to attend a weeklong training camp this Summer. Besides attending various competitions,  as any athletic group is required to do, The Treasures also perform. Their group maintains entertainment venues for all at home football games, as well as volleyball, basketball and pep rallies.  It will be time consuming just as being a part of the Strutters team was time consuming in high school.

“Since it counted toward my Fine Art credit I didn’t take any other extra curricular type things,” Allison admits.

She knows not much will change being a member of this group. When asked what she plans to focus her major on she quickly responds, ‘Nursing.”  Blinn College also boasts an impressive nursing program.

“I would have just stayed around here and gone to Lamar if I hadn’t made the team,” she explains.

But she did make the team. Instead of the red and white Bridge City Cardinals or LU Cardinals of red and white, she will try on a new pair of boots, and don a new uniform color. Blue and white will be her new hue. She will shed the feathers for the an eye patch of the Blinn Buccaneers. It is what our little birds do when its time to fly. Or as in the case of Allison Morphew, when its time to dance out of the nest.

From tutu to uniform, Strutters to Treasure, and Cardinal to Buccaneer, her years here have prepared her well, and she is ready.