Friday evening, Officer Aaron Carter, with the Orange Police Dept., was dispatched to the 4000 block of Sikes in reference to a criminal mischief/theft call. When Officer Carter arrived, he met with the victim, who advised police that he had been allowing his former girlfriend to stay in his apartment until she could find other living arrangements.

Friday, the woman contacted to tell him she was leaving the apartment “for good”. The victim told police that at this time, he went to the apartment and discovered his apartment had been ransacked and his belongings had been strewn around the house.

The victim also told police that most of his property had been damaged or was missing. Miscellaneous furniture, including a 42-inch plasma television and the mattress for his bed, was damaged

A number of items, including dishes, cooking utensils, tile tops for a coffee table, shoes, clothing, decorations and electronics were reported missing.

The victim stated that he does wish to file charges on the person who damaged and stole his belongings.