In all the many years I’ve been writing a column last week was the very first time the column I had written for publication didn’t run. Instead, a column I had written and had been published a month ago appeared in the space. My heart sank, my face turned red, my mad went up, a curse word crossed my lips. Overcome with frustration, my next thought was this was the sign that I needed to retire. Messages came from every direction. Some asked if I had finally lost it, went over the deep end and if I was ill and a column had been substituted. In 40 years, I’ve never missed writing a column. Sometime I had been so sick I didn’t know what I wrote. A couple of times I knocked out a column from a hospital bed. So you see why I was overcome with so much frustration. The staff attempted to console me with the fact that the correct, up to date column was on our website. That’s a good thing but so many elderly, loyal friends have been following the newspaper column for decades and they don’t do the computer website thing. They are not among the many thousands around the world who tune in regularly. Weeks usually fly by but this week dragged by since I was so anxious to let you know what had happened and that I hadn’t plum gone off my rocker. Now you know, this kind of mistake has happened to others and to advertisers but it was my first time in the barrel. Hopefully it will be my last. I thought about resigning but hearing from so many and with the cooling off period, I’ll do what ever it is I do for sometime yet. In fact, I didn’t have to work as hard this week. I salvaged some of last weeks work. The ones getting the same dose are our website folks, they get much of the stuff they got last week, but also new stuff. So it is in the life of an old columnist. You know what the bumper sticker says.*****Hop on board and come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.

Baseball came to an end Saturday in Southeast Texas when the Cardinals lost to Robinson Waco in the regional semi-finals, 13-12. Bridge City ended its season as district champs with a 22-12 record. It was a great effort by a great bunch of kids. Good luck and thanks to the seniors who gave us so much pleasure. Thanks also to our writer Joey Encalade for his outstanding coverage. Radio is not his calling but he knows baseball. To Mark Dunn for his outstanding photography and special thanks to coach Landry, Laird and Moore for their dedication to the sport.

Linda Wolfford, Shirley Griffin, Dorothy Slusher, Emily Culpepper, Gene Armand, Joyce Bourdier, Rollie Cardner, Sheila Deason, Claudia Lyon, Janice Prevost, Levastie LeBlanc, Nina Aven, Susan Broussard, Peter Modica Jr., James Baumgardner, John Gifford, Julie Lummus, Kathy Holland, Kayla Hickey, Miranda McClure, Donna Witt, Herman Dupuis, David Lopez, Harold Trantham, Matthew Jagoe, Brittany Chalmers, Glenn Fisher, Paige Ousley, Jade Ousley, Brooklyn Goldsmith, Aaron McNeil, Sandra Hoke, Brittany Yu, Donna Benefield, Donna Rogers, Hunter Puckett, Brenda Howard, Patricia Mires, Nancy Ramsey, Aaron Bland, Gena Guyote, Jessica Freeman, Kevin Doss, Mary Jennings, Tim Hughes, Trey Wild, Chris Andes, Joyce Dowdle, Roy Dunn, Karen McDuff, Laura Silva, Lindi Torson, Ryan Gunstream, Lorrie LeBlanc, Ed Worthy Jr., John Bertrand, Sherilyn Brister, Lynn Fields, Gail Griffith, Kelsey Miller, Linda Sims, Sarah Williams, Richard Granger, Ashley LaRose, Billy Frank Bradberry, Billy Killman, Logan Smith and Penny Robards.

Leon Hale marked 90 years on May 30. Houston Chronicle published five columns in Sunday’s edition picked from his 21 best. Hired in 1949, for years he wrote a daily column for the old Houston Post and in 1984, when the Post sold to the Chronicle, he joined their staff. He began blogging in 2006. Leon Hale pays attention to what other writers say, like the quote Ellen Goodman wrote in 1981, “Writing a daily column is like being married to a nymphomaniac, just when you think you’re finished, you have to start all over.” He tacked the quote on his wall. In a way, I believe all column writers can relate to Goodman’s quote. It looks to me like I’m always starting over. I passed the five Chronicles on to my friend Neighbor Cox. I always save Leon’s columns for him. Sometime it’s three months before I get them to him but I thinks he enjoys them anyway.*****I always look forward to the CMT Country Music Awards, which will be held this year on June 8, with Kid Rock as host. *****A year ago, on June 2, 2010, our longtime friend Adolph Hryhorchuck died at age 83. ***On June 6, 2010, Harry Land, 66, died in a motorcycle accident. ***Our friend Lannie Claybar, died at age 57, on June 6, 1969 in Houston. He would be 99 years old today. ***The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will meet at Navrozsky’s this Wednesday, 12 noon, and next week at Robert’s Restaurant. Everyone is welcome to come out and join this great group of folks. *****June 5 is said to be the perfect Gemini day because it falls in the middle of the sign. As many days on one side as on the other. Folks we know who celebrate on that day are Joyce Dowdle, Tim Hughes, Roy Dunn and Britt Godwin.*** Marline Perry also celebrated her special day on June 5. By the way, she and Ben Perry are expecting a little girl Gemini on June 17. Marlene’s first. Best wishes. I’m sure there are many others but those are the only ones on my calendar.***Our special friend Helen Harrington will celebrate June 6 and lovely Shirley Zimmerman celebrates June 7.*****Our FaceBook friends celebrating birthdays this week. On June 1, Christine Luce and Patches DeShafo, June 2, Kayla Hickey, June 5, Eli Curtis and Tommy Ferguson and June 7, Melinda Segelke*****We were sorry to hear about the accident that took the life of Robert “Bo” Weaver, Jr. 56, in Austin last week. “Bo” owned Weaver Crane and Mats in Bridge City and Nederland. Our deepest sympathies to his large family and many friends. Please see obit.*****Congrats to Andrew Havens, a B.C. grad, who graduated Summa Cum Laude and the honors program in mechanical engineering at Lamar with a 3.86 grade point average. Andrew has already been hired at Dupont SRW and reports to work in June.*****Lynn and Carol Emerson, after all these years in the grocery business, will get to retire. They have sold their convenience store, “The Store” at Roundbunch and Hwy. 408. Over the years they have been hard workers and deserve good to come their way. Our friends will be missed. They ran a good, clean store. They started in business when they were teenagers. They had one of the few American owned “C” stores left. ***** Former Gov. Sarah Palin made a star like entrance in D.C., riding the back of a Harley. When Palin resigned as the governor of Alaska, she and Todd owed a half-million dollars, today, she’s super rich, even paid $1 million cash for a home in Arizona. She knows how to play the money game and it doesn’t include running for president. Once she does and loses, her star power falls with her income. Right now, like Trump, she’s selling her Palin brand. Her only cause is to further her celebrity driven career. She knows how to jack um’ off. Folks will send money for a presidential race she will never make. Come August, she’ll announce she can do more for the cause from the outside and she’ll keep fighting for America and there will be plenty of folks out there that will buy it. She’s good. She sells her game as good as anyone, maybe even trumping Trump.*****I understand constable Mark Philpott has a white perch connection and judge David Peck wants in on it. I’m first in line however.*****Former constable John Ford was in town over the weekend attending the Orangefield graduation of his granddaughter. Son John and Gayle’s little beauty.*****Doctors Ozz and Mehmet say the seven most important foods are broccoli, oats, wheat brand, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, milk and red peppers. Why? Because they contain the most neglected nutrients, calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E.*****We understand Bridge City Chamber Director Angela Beck has resigned effective June 3. Bridge City is a great community, with good community minded individuals and service minded groups. All pulling together they can accomplish a lot. Working together is the key. The Chamber needs to hire someone who will work towards that goal. Building the community should be a concerted effort among all organizations. United more and bigger accomplishments can be achieved, helping to grow the community is what it’s about.

On June 1, Andy Griffith will be 85; Morgan Freeman, 74; Heidi Klum, 38 and Alanis
Morissette, 37.***On June 2, Dana Carvey will be 56 and Justin Long will be 33.***Bruce Dern will be 75 on June 4; Angelina Jolie, 36 and Evan Lysacek, 26.***Kenny G will be 55 on June 5; Mark Wahlberg, 40; Wayne Brady, 41 and Brian McKnight, 42.***Sandra Bernhard will be 56, June 6; Vince Young, 47 and Paul Giamatti, 44.***Tom Jones will be 71 on June 7; Liam Neeson, 59; Prince, 53 and William Forsythe, 56.

Asa Leleaux and his wife Telma were having some problems and were giving demselves da silent treatment. Asa realized him, dat da nex morning he would need Telma to wake him at 5 a.m. for an early morning flight to Houston for a company business trip. Not wanting to be da first one to break da silence (and loose) he wrote on a piece of paper, “Please wake me at 5 a.m.” He left da note where he knew Telma would find it.
Da next morning Asa woke up to discover it was 8 a.m. and he had missed his flight. Furious, Asa was about to go see why Telma hadn’t woke him up wen he noticed a note on da coffee table.
Da paper said, “It is now 5 a.m., wake up.”
Dat’s wen da fight started.

Texas lawmakers fail to balance the budget. They are now in a special session. Republicans hold every statewide office. The state is $27 billion in the deficit hole and after 144 days, they are still looking at balancing the budget on the backs of education and the elderly. The Tea Party presence has put Speaker Struas and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst in a position to have to fend off attacks from the extreme right wing of their party. Gov. Perry is taking a national bow, hoping to be invited to be the number two man on the national ticket. The new budget will have time bombs and no provisions for the 80,000 additional children expected to show up at schools next year. The state budget will have $4 billion less for schools. Lawmakers will also short change Medicaid, setting aside $5 billion less than will be needed. The Perry “Story” doesn’t mention the cost shifts to college students, local governments and tripling fees. Perry’s story shades the truth, like the claim of social fiscal management. He’s building his reputation on the backs of the people of Texas. It’s a different story once you get by the cover.*****When will this drought ever end? Some areas in Orange County have received less than two inches of rain this year, running 17 inches below normal. It will probably take a disturbance in the gulf or a tropical storm to get us caught up. Meanwhile, gardens, plants and lawns are burning up and no significant rain expected in the near future. Old timers say it’s the worse drought since 1953. I remember a few years ago when a drought hit, we had Neighbor Cox do his famous rain dance that he learned from the Indians growing up in Juaquin. It worked then, got rain within a week. He strips down and does his act at midnight. The only problem it has to be on a full moon and that’s not until June 15, two weeks away. That might be our only hope.*****Gotta go, thanks for coming along. When you can, please patronize our family of advertisers. Let them know we sent you. Keep up daily with us on our website Till next time, take care and God bless.