Friday, Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Vidor Police, along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and the Office of the Inspector General, executed a search warrant on a Vidor nail salon.

Since March, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Vidor Police Dept., have received several complaints about credit card numbers being stolen from patrons who had used credit or debit cards at the JA Nails and Spa.

Since that time, an investigation has been conducted and found that the credit card numbers had in fact been being stolen and used at various locations in the Houston area. It was determined that each of the credit card numbers belonged to victims that had used their credit cards at the JA Nails and Spa Salon in Vidor.

The law enforcement team went into the nail shop with the purpose of locating evidence of credit/debit card abuse. Several items of evidence were located and seized from the business.

No arrests were made at the time of the search warrant, however the investigation is on going and arrests are likely to occur in the near future.