Orange police were dispatched Saturday afternoon, to Ridgemont Park, in the 3500 block of Ridgemont, in reference to a possible robbery, which had taken place the day before.

Upon arrival, Officer Michael Rouse made contact with a man who told police that Friday, between 10:30 – 11:00 pm, he was walking through the park when an unknown suspect hit him on the back of the head, with an unknown object.

The victim told police he remembered seeing a red shirt, and someone saying “go into his pockets”, before he passed out. He said he awoke about 10 minutes later and found that his property was lying on the ground.

The victim continued to tell police that his wallet, which is described as a long, black leather billfold was missing. The wallet also had an eagle on front, and a chain.

The man told police that the wallet contained his Texas driver’s license, social security card and a gift card from Wal-Mart.

The victim said that after waking up in the park, he walked home, and after arriving there, took his pit bull dog out and walked back to Ridgemont Apartments, where he confronted several unknown subjects in the parking lot.

After returning back to his home again, his mother drove him to his sister’s home, where he stayed the night.

Sunday afternoon, the victim advised that he went to Wal-Mart to report the gift card stolen. Wal-Mart personnel told the man that they would not replace or reimburse the money with out a police report.

At this time, the man said he left Wal-Mart and called the police department to make a report of robbery. He said he did not call police at the time of the incident due to the fact that he was intoxicated.

The victim states that he would like to pursue charges if a suspect is found