Monday afternoon, Officer Tim Pruitt, with the Orange Police Dept., was dispatched to the 1300 block of W. Burton Ave., in reference to a theft from the AT&T yard. Upon arrival, Officer Pruitt met with the supervisor.

The supervisor advised police that the yard was last checked Sunday evening at about 5:00 pm. When he arrived back at the yard Monday morning, he discovered several lengths of cable missing from the fenced yard.

Listed as missing was 299 feet of “25 pair” black cable with strand; 100 feet of “100 pair” black cable and 88 feet of “50 pair” black cable. The estimated value of the missing cable is over $640.

Police observed a cut in the cyclone fence, near an empty cable reel. The reel was processed for finger prints and DNA samples.

The supervisor told police that he would like to press charges for theft if a suspect is located.