The temperature reached 105 and was over 100 for the first five days in June. What makes it worse is that it hasn’t rained in months and the wind has gone down to a zero breeze. Monday a little rain finally came. Some folks got up to a couple of inches including a good amount of hail. Most of us got only .5 of an inch, enough to wash the dust off of the leaves. We could see the dark clouds to the south and east of us and prayed it would come our way but all we got was the over spray. For 38 years I’ve been on this place and I can assure you it’s the worse drought in all of those years. In 1953, the drought was really bad but at that time I had other interest than the weather. I wasn’t concerned about me and Cox’s gardens burning up, however, I do recall the big cracks in the soil and not a blade of green grass anywhere. I believe if we don’t get a good rain soon we will see that situation again. It will take a couple of Gulf storms to make up 19 inches of rain that we’re running below normal. We’re happy for the gardeners who got rain Monday though. City water just won’t cut it when it comes to growing a crop. It keeps stuff alive, works some on flowers but tomatoes, cucumbers and other veggies needs a little help from above. Green tomatoes will stay that way for a month on the stalk, etc. Our friend Judge Derry Dunn has eight plants and grows the most beautiful tomatoes I’ve seen and plenty of them. His secret is condensed water. A couple of gallons a day from the air conditioner works as good as God’s water on four plants per day. Ironically Judge Derry doesn’t eat tomatoes and that’s all right, more for me. Well, Cox’s and my only hope it seems is to go his famous Indian rain dance on a full moon, which is next Wednesday. We will try to keep our crop alive until then. Sometimes his dance takes another three or four days to bring on the rain. He learned the dance from the Indians as a boy in Juaquin. Come September, he turns 87 and sometimes he forgets some of the steps and the dance doesn’t work. He’s been practicing and believes he has it perfected. I’m betting on him and expecting a good rain sometime in the next 10 to 15 days. For Cox and I, growing crops long ago replaced our interest in girls. Someday you’ll see that garden water is more important than bath water.*****I’ve gotta move on. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


The Texas Senate adopted a new congressional map Monday. Texas has added four new districts. The plan goes to the Texas House for consideration. Democrats have accused Sen. Kel Seliger, chairman of the Senate Redistricting Committee, of dividing districts to maximize Republican opportunities to elect members of Congress in violation of the Voting Rights Act. It was noted that Republicans generally garner 55 percent of the vote. The new plan is designed to elect Republicans to 72 percent. Sixty-five percent of the state’s growth over the last 10 years is comprised of Latinos, yet the Senate plan gerrymanders more than nine million Latinos, to make sure they have no more electoral opportunity than they did back in 1991. Under the Voting Rights Act, the United States Department of Justice Federal Court Panel must review Texas’ redistricting and verify that minority voting is not diluted by the new boundaries. I haven’t seen the new map, however I understand the Senate’s demographics to help one Party has crazy drawn districts. From what I know, the Orange County district is far better than the first proposed map. At least the county is whole. A new congressman will have to be elected if this plan stands. Kevin Brady was taken care of by carving him a district from the Woodlands north. That doesn’t pit him against another incumbent. The map was approved 18-12, right down Party lines. From what I know, we were gerrymandered to the point it would be almost impossible to elect one of our own. Redistricting is just one more display of the self-enrichment and consolidation of power of those in power.

12 Years Ago-1999

The Orangefield nine and ten year old girl’s Little Dribblers all star basketball team is headed to Hobbs, New Mexico for the national basketball championship June 9 through June 12. The little all stars that make Orange County proud are Natalie Lavergne, Kim Little, Wyntier Sheppard, Kayla Stone, Alyssa Deramus, Kaylyn Little, Kristy Sanders, Jessica Shores, Heather Woods, Paige Roy, Meaghan Granger and Sara Bonds. Coaches are Todd Shores and Keith Sanders.*****Little Cypress resident Lisa Roberts was surprised when she heard she had won a new 1999 Jeep Wrangler in a statewide drawing sponsored by Market Basket and Coca Cola. Lisa, a deputy county clerk for Karen Jo Vance, stopped at Market Basket to pick up a gallon of milk on her way home from work. In a hurry, she didn’t stuff the ballot box, just signed up once in her name and once in her husband Randy’s name. Son Ricky, 14 years old, hopes his dad doesn’t wear the Jeep out before he get his license in two years. However, the Roberts plan to sell it. They will pay the taxes on the Jeep, valued at $17,400, and keep the rest.*****Ms. Agnes Bourgeois will turn 92 on June 17.*****For 18 years in a row, H.D. and Pat Pate has made a trip to Pensacola, Fla. the first week in June. In fact, they just returned. (Editor’s note: I don’t believe the Pate’s do that anymore. In fact, they don’t do much anymore but he still works as a lawyer and is available for hire.)*****Capt. Bill Lathrop resigns from the Orange County Sheriff’s office. He will enter private business.*****Everybody’s buddy, Lyle Overman, suffered a couple of heart attacks while at a deer lease and is in a San Antonio hospital. Wife Janice is by his side. (Editor’s note: Lyle survived and continued to make his music. As of late he has been performing at Peggy’s on the Bayou.)*****Roy Dunn’s annual birthday bash was held at his bayou property, “Dunn’s Bluff.” Robert’s Market catered a big seafood outing Friday night and Robert and Freda served barbecue and all the trimmings at Saturday’s big party. Roy’s 96 year old Aunt Eve, Aunt Mae and his Mom attended, danced to the music and had a great time. (Editor’s note: They have all passed away since and Roy is too old or too much of a wimp to fight the June heat anymore. He’ not nearly as tuff as his elder folks were.)*****The 16th annual Gulf Coast Jam is coming June 12. The main inductee is Bo Diddley, born Ellas Bates McDaniel, who got his start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in 1987 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Z.Z. Top. Also performing are Percy Sledge, Jivin’ Gene, Barbara Lynn, G.G. Shinn, Barry Pickett and the Heartbeats, Smokin’ Joe Solis and the Trutones, featuring Ernon Charles. The big show is at Logan Park on Pleasure Island.*****Sorry to hear that Adam Dupuis is in Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston suffering from heart failure. Adam has had heart surgery a couple of times. He’s Kenneth and Nancy’s son. (Editor’s note: I’m glad to report that everybody’s buddy, Adam, is still going strong.)

32 Years Ago-1979

John Wayne, America’s most loved actor, died Monday, June 11 at age 72.*****Gas shortages causes long lines and prices jumps from 39 cents a gallon to $1 a gallon.*****Janice Overman is in Saint Elizabeth Hospital after having surgery June 7.*****Linda Ricks Sutton became the bride of Clarence Dale Newton, on June 11. (Editor’s note: We are happy to say they are still together and Linda is now affectionately known as “Granny.” Their health at times is not too good but they are making it. “Granny” now sells her famous yard eggs from her special chickens.)*****Pat Meeks is named Outstanding Baseball Player of the Year.*****Gene and Flo Edgerly recently bought a home on Cow Bayou. (Editor’s note: They left the place after Ike and went to higher ground.)*****The First Baptist Church of Orange will celebrate 100 years on June 17. In 1879, the Rev. Andrew Peddy organized the congregation with 18 charter members.*****Bridge City’s Bryan Ward was name High School Athlete of the Year.


Shon Jones, Tana Hightower, Walter Riedel, Aubrey Reynolds, Billie Wood, Carolyn Sexton, Crystal Wells, Elizabeth Barfield, Debbie Vidrine, Gavin Birmingham, Deane Moran, Alston Reynolds, Dixie Armstrong, Charlie Blalack, Jessica Hilliard, Karli Choate, Paige Olive, Kevin Ernst,Chrisleigh Longlois, Rayford Jimerson, Tyler Derouen, Caroline Hennigan, Chris Riedel, Harold Adkins, Lacey Wallace, Dorothy Breaux, Jacqueline Bourdier, Jane Minor, Candice Steele, Magdalene Bryant, Jeanette Hubert, Frances Ragsdale, Jesse Walles, Pam Williams, Brook Doss, Caitlyn Villanoueva, Elizabeth Tran, Kaaren Kline, Sidney White, Ryan Kelly, Shawna Gauthier, Steven Crabtree, Desia Davis, Duane Anthony, Susan Fischer, Tamny Droddy, Selita Ernst, Carley Swenson, Sylvia Galbreath, Ben Perry, Betty Jean Lonadier, Brandon Duhon and Brandy Aldridge.


I knew something wasn’t right and Con. Weiner was lying when he told Wolf Blitzer that he didn’t know if that was his wiener or not. Every wiener is hand grown and usually named and any guy would recognize his in a crowd. Right then I was convinced he wasn’t being truthful. Monday he admitted it to the world that sure nuff’ it was his wiener. Public officials are having trouble keeping their pants zipped. Sen. David Vitter, Con. Chris Lee, Sen. John Ensign and a host of others, republicans and democrats alike.*****Scott Pelley anchored CBS Evening News Monday as the new host replacing Katie Couric. I watched his first broadcast and liked him. He’s up against some tough competition though, Brian Williams, NBC and Diane Sawyer, ABC. Couric will join ABC to host a daytime show. She says her show will offer a mix of celebrity interviews and topical talk, combining elements of Today and the Oprah Winfrey Show. Like others, Couric hopes to be Oprah’s successor.*****If your having air conditioning, heater or any problems around your place, I know a guy who can help. Hank Bailey knows his stuff and doesn’t rob you. I called him at 474-1060 with what I thought was a major problem and he fixed it in a few minutes. Now days sometimes it’s hard to find a good honest repairman.**********Country star Trace Adkins and wife Ronda lost their home in Brentwood, Tenn. to fire. Trace wasn’t home, the family got out safely but everything was lost. Adkins owns a farm next to our friends, Glenda and Paul Dyer, near Nashville.***** You know it’s going to be a bad day when you wake up with a headache, drag yourself out of the house and the first person you run into is “Cochise” Shockley, the chief of Call, Texas, not Call Junction. The Indians are from Call, the Junction has a different tribe of folks. “Cochise” and major Brad Frye, those two guys together are not good for an aching head. Fortunately I ran into some sympatric folks later. Capt. Dickie Colburn came by and he’s really a nice guy. He stopped by to offer Mark and the Historical Museum group his help in anyway they think he can help.*****Pretty Patsy Peck brought by a big bowl of her famous banana pudding. It always amazes me how some guys can get such nice wives.*****I received a program of the 46th  Academy of Country Music Awards compliments of Theresa Hearne George, a Nashville resident, long involved in the country music industry. The Bridge City queen is the daughter of Elaine and Ray Hearne. We heard Theresa was in town briefly visiting grandmother Inez Hearne and family. Theresa is one of our special people.*****You can expect multiple lawsuits to come following the end of the special session in Austin. One suit coming from school districts is due to the state not allowing for districts to have meaningful discretion to spend the money raised through local school property taxes. In turn that makes it state property taxes. The Texas State Constitution prohibits a state property tax. Rather than dip into the “Rainey Day” fund, school districts in the state have had funds cut by $4 billion. The state, in essence, is saying, “ use property taxes to make up what we took away from you.” That will be only one of many suits.*****Quote of the week comes from Texas Sen. Leticia Van DePutte during a debate of a bill requiring a woman seeking an abortion to have a sonogram at least 24 hours before the procedure. The senator said, “Texas is going to shrink government until it fits into a woman’s uterus.”*****In class 4-A baseball the Brenham Cubs again headed back to the state tournament. They beat Magnolia 10-0 in five innings. Coaching alone is not the reason Brenham wins over and over again. That would be a good study of cultures, genes, heritage, bloodlines, etc.*****Special folks celebrating birthdays are Walter Riedal and Chris Riedal, both will see another year roll around.***Ben Perry is a year older and looking forward to he and Marlene’s new baby girl, expected around June 17. Our good buddy Shirley Zimermon celebrated June 7.***FaceBook friends having birthdays are Sarah Bell, June 9, Linda Arnold, June 10, former sheriff Huel Fontenot and April Denning celebrate on June 11 and Paul Burch gets older on June 13. Happy birthday to all.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Novrozsky’s last week. Uncle Jim hosted a surprise birthday party for Roy. He had a good weekend also. Friday night he again won a first place award from the Press Club for his “Down Life’s Highway” column titled “Mom, Youngswitch Road and the little shack that built me” and Saturday, his sisters and in-laws and the family threw a birthday bash for him. The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this Wednesday and back to Novrozsky’s next week. Everyone is always welcome. *****Have you heard Sarah Palin’s version of Paul Revere’s midnight ride. It was to alert the British that “the British are coming.”*****Sen. John Edwards was indicted for violating finance campaign law. No one has ever been accused of that before. No one ever charged with this violation. It’s a historic case. He was given a million dollars by 100 year old, Mrs. Mellon, to help hide his affair and the fact that he fathered a child. My best bet is that he won’t be prosecuted. Sen. Vitter, in Louisiana, and Sen. John Ensign did far worse and were never charged. It will cost him a bunch but I don’t see him as the first person ever convicted on campaign violation charges.***** The first annual Crawfish Fest will be held Saturday, June 11, 9 a.m. till, at the Bridge City Trade Days location, Live Cajun music with Dallas Street Ramblers, Cajun Harmony and the Cow Bayou Ramblers. Over 4,000 pounds of crawfish will be available, also many arts and crafts booths.  Everything Cajun. Bring a chair and come pass a good time.*****The City of Bridge City is doing a nice job with the streets. About 90 miles of streets are being resurfaced. A much needed improvement for the city. Commissioner Dubose says the county will resurface Roundbunch in the county, all the way to Hwy. 1007. Both the city and county work is being funded with Ike money. Dubose is in hopes of being able to do more streets if money becomes available.*****The organization, “South East Texas Supporting Our Troops,” is putting on a benefit show at Honky Tonk, 2389 Hwy. 96 South, Silsbee, Saturday, 11. a.m. to 5 p.m. Fun for everyone, 50/50 bike show, great music, plenty for the kids to do, raffles, auctions, etc.*****Megan Broussard, of Beaumont, seems to be milking the Weiner ordeal for all she can. Even a special on FOX News, that has a keen interest in the New York Democratic congressman.


On June 8, Joan Rivers will be 78; Kathy Baker, 61; Keenen Ivory Wavans, 53 and Kanya West 34.***On June 9, Johnny Depp will be 48; Natalie Portman, 30 and Michael J. Fox will be 50.***On June 10, Elizabeth Hurley will be 46; Faith Evans, 38 and LeeLee Sobieski, will be 19*** June 11, Gene Wilder, 78; Shia LaBeouf, 25 and Joshua Jackson will be 33.***George bush will be 87 June 12; Meredith Brooks, 53 and Jim Nabors will be 81.***Tim Allen will be 58, June 13; Stellan Skarsgrd, 60, and Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen will be 25.***”The Donald” Trump will be 65 on June 14; Boy George, 50; Steffi Graf, 42 and Billie Myers, 40.


“Tee Cuz” Dartez was on a two-day drunk since his wife Mary Ann run him off. He was sitting at da bar at Tee-boy’s feeling sorry for hisself and downing one beer after anutta wen two of his friends joined him. A couple of hours went by and “Tee Cuz” him hadn’t left da bar for nuttin. In a little while he discovered his pants dem were wet. He look to his right and axe, “Clovis, did you spill some beer on me Hanh?”
“Mais no, Clovis answer, I don’t do dat me.”
Den “Tee Cuz” him turn to his utta buddy, Sostan, and he say, “Sostan, did you throw some of you beer on me?”
Sostan answer, “Why would I do dat me and waste my beer hanh?”
“Tee Cuz” tink about dat him and he finally say, “Well, I’m all wet me, all da way down my pants, I guess it must have been an inside job.”


Well, I’ve come to the end of the line one more time. I’m thankful to the Man for allowing me enough brainpower to scribble a few lines. I know someday it’ll go, but for now, I’m blessed to still be able to do this show. ***** I didn’t intend to comment on the Veteran’s Office problem but from the e-mails I’ve received I guess it’s expected. All I’ll say is that for many years, going back to when Roger Walker was VA Officer, there was a cancer at that office. I’ve spoken with former employees, going back over 15 years and I hate that Jerry Childers is taking heat for something that wasn’t his doing. However, it was Jerry’s duty to cure the problems and he didn’t get it done. As a vet himself Jerry cared and had compassion for veterans and their widows. He personally worked hard and long hours visiting veterans at their homes, even nights and weekends. In the meantime, problems mounted in the office and he failed to correct them. Commissioner’s Court did the right thing in cleaning house. It should have been done a longtime ago. Judge Thibodeaux and the Court are dedicated to seeing that the veterans get the best service possible, as expeditiously as possible. Jerry is a retired veteran and he’ll be okay. He is a good guy and that could very well have been his problem.*****Gotta shut down. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.