While on patrol Thursday evening, Officer Weldon Smith with the Orange Police Dept., observed two men pulling a cart with an air conditioning unit on it, in the 1500 block of Green Ave. When the men saw the officer’s patrol car, the subjects took off running east toward the Main St. alley.

Officer Smith turned the car around and began to look for the subjects, when he heard dogs barking in the 1400 block of Main Alley. Smith saw the same yellow steel cart that the subjects were pulling, but it was empty.

Officer Smith heard noises coming from inside the rear of the residence and walked around to see inside a window with no curtains. While he observed, one of the males put an air conditioning unit in the window of the bedroom.

Officer Smith called out to the subject and told him to come to the front door of the residence. Upon making contact with the man, he told police several versions of what had happened, but later said that the unit came from a house on Main St. that was for rent.

Smith checked the area and observed that a home in the 1600 block of Main had an open area where an A/C unit was missing.

The owner of the home was contacted and he told police he did want to pursue charges on any and all suspects involved in the theft.

The owner of the A/C unit later arrived on the scene and identified the unit as one that belonged to him. The A/C unit was returned to the man.

Jason Marrow was then placed into custody and transported to the Orange County Jail, where he was booked on Class B theft charges.

After a search of the area, officers never located the second suspect.