An Orange man was arrested Wednesday evening at the Walgreens store on 16th St. in Orange. Officer Theodore Hilyar with the Orange Police Dept, responded to a call in reference to a man taking items from the store without paying for them.

The asst. manager told police that the man who had entered the store, and removed the items was one she recognized from past incidents. The man, who was identified as Jimmy Lee Frank, already had a criminal trespass warning served on him by Walgreens.

While police were obtaining information from the asst. manager, she saw the same black male walk through the north driveway of Walgreens.

Officer Hilyar made contact with the man, who he knew on site as Frank from previous encounters. A check through communications revealed that Frank had been issued a criminal trespass warning for Walgreens in April.

Walgreens managers told police that they would like to pursue charges against Frank on the store’s behalf.

Frank was placed into custody for class B criminal trespass and transported to the Orange County Jail, and booked.