I watch sporting events and the athletes always say, “Hi Mom.” Well, Sunday is Dad’s Day and once a year he’s honored. You are fortunate if you still have a father. If you don’t, honor some man you respect who has been a good father or simply a person you are proud to know and call a friend. I have several that I so respect. One is my buddy Millard “Neighbor Cox.” I’m betting on him to bring us rain. Wednesday, June 15, is a full moon and Cox will perform his Indian rain dance at midnight. Right now, he’s our only hope. We have nothing to lose. The weatherman doesn’t see any rain in our forecast for the next 10 to 12 days. If Cox does his dance correctly, doesn’t forget some steps and remembers all the Indian words, we should see some rain in the next week. We are in the worst drought since 1953 and most of us have received less than two inches of rain so far this year. That is 20 inches below normal. We have a lot riding on Neighbor Cox. It might come too late to save the crop but could save everything else from burning up. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

Back in March, when we said gas prices would start down and get cheaper during the summer instead of going up as usual, everyone was saying just the opposite. Even T Bone Pickens predicted $5 a gallon gasoline this summer. Well, we were right, but fuel prices haven’t come down fast enough or low enough. If the congress had gone along, the results would have been better after the hearing to strip the oil companies of $22 billion a year in governments gifts. The oil companies know they have friends in the Congress but they don’t know what the new Congress will bring. To add further pressure on Big Oil, President Obama withheld permits. No doubt these high gas prices are going. The government is now issuing permits in the Gulf. Two oil giants, Exxon Mobile and Shell, made big discoveries in the Gulf. Last week, Exxon Mobile revealed its discoveries, among the largest ever in the Gulf.  The finds are expected to generate more than 700 million barrels of oil. Shell Oil meanwhile announced that 225 miles southwest of New Orleans, their Camramom field will produce 50,000 barrels of oil a day, 145 million barrels over its lifetime. The total just these two companies will produce is over 840 million barrels. Meanwhile, record drilling, using new procedures, is taking place in west and south Texas, with wells pumping nearly 1,000 barrels to 5,000 barrels a day. There is no reason the American people should be suffering through high gas prices while oil companies make record profits. Gas prices hurt, really hurt, those who can afford it the least. Believe me, the future of gas prices could hang on next year’s elections. When President Clinton left office, gas was $1 a gallon, consumption was almost the same 11 years ago as today.

After watching A&M beat Florida 11-2, I watched the replay of the GOP debate. Seven candidates in all. Seven months before the first primary vote is cast. The candidates all agreed that they are against openly gays in the military, all are against same sex marriage, all against entitlements, Medicare, Medicaid and are for privatizing Social Security, doing away with all of them as we know them today. All politicians, democrats and republicans alike are bad about just throwing out numbers to suite their message. One candidate said Social Security would last only 14 years. Here’s what AARP published on Social Security, “By the end of 2000, Social Security’s trust fund had a positive balance of $2,6 trillion. Interest earned will expand fund to $3,67 trillion by 2022. The program is completely solvent for 25 years and will be able to pay 77 percent of benefits for the following 35 years. This is not a program that is going broke. In fact, it’s quite a remarkable achievement. If you repeat a line, ‘Social Security will be bankrupted by baby boomers,’ often enough it becomes the truth.” Thirty years ago we heard SS would be broke by the time we got old enough to collect. However, to privatize entitlements is to give a lot of gravy to the insurance companies. All GOP debaters agree they are for doing away with the lifelines for the elderly, the way it is today. I didn’t see any clear winner. Mitt Romney didn’t lose any ground, Michele Bachmann helped herself and came off as much smarter than Sarah Palin but she is strictly a Tea Partier. Extreme right or left can’t get elected. The wimp of the bunch was Tim Pawlenty, who on Sunday criticised Romney on his Massachusetts health care, would not do so to his face. He just cowered down. None excited the masses. The odds, I think, are that the GOP race will end up being between Romney and Bachmann. Other candidates may enter the race to dilute the water but that’s it. Meanwhile, if you just finished high school and are on your first job note that if you work 50 years, when you near 70 years old you can rest assured that Social Security, if it stays as it is today, will still be here for you in your old days.

We were sad to learn about the unexpected death of Sarah Crawford Rutherford, age 52, who passed away June 5. Services were held Friday, June 10, in Sulphur, La. We had known Sarah since her birth. She came from a good bunch of folks. Our condolences to the family. May she rest in Peace. Please see obit.

12 Years Ago-1999
Court House renovations is underway. The county is almost ready to let bids on windows, which must meet historical preservation purposes. According to county judge Carl Thibodeaux, “They must essentially be identical to the windows that were originally installed.”  Orange County hasn’t suffered a severe hit from a major hurricane since Carla struck the upper coast in 1961, 38 years ago. (Editor’s note: Boy, we have made up for it since. Maybe it will be 38 more years before another hit.)*****Last Tuesday, Don Campbell, 67, passed away. Services were held on Friday. If you ever met Don, you would never forget him. Don played a mean piano, gospel and honky-tonk. Once a preacher in Louisiana owed him some money. He attended Wednesday night service, collected his money and played them four great songs. He is survived by his wife Jean, mother-in-law Mable, son Larry, daughter Donnarie, sister Juanita and grandkids Chad and Leslie. (Editor’s note: You can still hear stories today about the boy from Shelby County who took a small independent gas distributorship and parlayed into bigger and better things. What a guy he was.)*****Lyle Overman is home from a San Antonio hospital after suffering a heart attack.*****Spotted having lunch Wednesday at Heath Demary’s Golden Corral were Jack Lovet, Grover Halliburton, Judge Claude Wimberly, Roy Dunn, Rev. Leo Anderson, Constable Parker Thompson, Judge Joe Parkhurst and Capt. David Peck. (Editor’s note: Sounds like the beginning of the “Lunch Bunch.”)*****Sports Illustrated ran a good story on Orange native Bruce Aven. Bruce is batting in the cleanup spot when he’s in the Marlin lineup. He went 2 for 4 in a loss to the Yankees Saturday. Sunday, he went 4 for 5 in a 8-2 win over the Yankees. He slammed two homeruns, drove in 4 runs giving him 33 RBI’s in 104 trips to the plate. Aven is one of the major’s top batters at .375 and is the third rated hitter in the major league. Bruce played his high school baseball at West Orange-Stark.*****Capt. David Peck is a grandfather. His daughter Jacelyn and Kelly Grimly are the proud parents of Kolton Kelly, born in Midland last week. (Editor’s note: Kolton turned 12 last week. I wonder if  the Judge remembered? Sure he did, I’m just messing with him.)*****We understand coach Sam Moore is leaving West Orange-Stark to become the new baseball coach at Bridge City.*****Astro manager Larry Dierker suffered a grand mal seizure in the dugout. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor that will require surgery. The Sunday game, between the Astros & Padres, was suspended in the bottom of the eighth inning. The Stros were leading 4-1 after a grand slam homerun by Derek Bell. (Editor’s note: I wonder if the game was ever finished?)*****Congrats to David Sterling, BCHS senior, nominated for inclusion in the 1998-1999, “Who’s who among American high school students.” David is also a letterman on the Bridge City golf team. He is the son of Glen and Thelma Sterling of Bridge City.*****The family of Paige Elizabeth Matthews Phillips thanks the community for their love and kindness. Paige, 30 years old, passed away four days after giving birth to a healthy baby boy.*****A new  1999 Chevy Silverado pickup, extended cab, will cost you $23,845 at Harmon Chevrolet.

32 Years Ago-1979
Orange’s Andre Robertson signs pro contract with the Toronto Blue Jays. The University of Texas  student will be assigned to Dunbedin, in the Class A Florida State League. (Editor’s note: Andre ended up playing for the New York Yankees.)*****The new Bridge City Bank, on Roundbunch, nears completion and will open in July. (Editor’s note: Because of storms, the building had been remade twice.)

Adam Dupuis, David Cardner, Charlie Burnaman, Faye Sherwood, Ryan Richard, Sherri Fruge, Tina Romero, Alex Eby, Carol Hall, Denise Vickers, Sharon Fisher, Beverly Perry, Christian Louvier, Jennifer Harrison, Leigh Ann Wilson, Ruby Bell, Alex Brent, Justin Johnson, Andrew Riedel, Belinda Welch, Brandy Slaughter, Janice Rabin, Nancy Haworth,Krystal Leonard, Shelby Turbeville, Vern Campbell, Amber King, Kyna White, Mary Alice Hartfield, Mary Stewart, Betty Norwood, Wyetta Carter, Shelby Permenter, Chelsie Moerbe, Cortnie Moerbe, Marianne Choate, Myrtle Howell, Frankie Allen, Keith Kay, Marie Norton, Justin Roberts, Debbie Johansson, Gregory Darbonne, Loretta Beck, Lynda Phillips, Tyler Bailey, Dustin Hartsfield, Sarah Claybar, Sharon Wright, Wesley Darbonne, Dan Dumas, David Dubose, John Cooper and Melanie Broussard.

The state will have two college teams, Texas and Texas A&M, in the College World Series in Omaha. Orangefield High School will have two freshmen representing Orange County. Texas has Jacob Felts and A&M has Jace Statum. Both boys starred as pitcher and catcher for coach Bennett’s Bobcats last year. A&M will face last year’s national champs, South Carolina, at 6 p.m. Saturday. Also playing Saturday at the same time, Texas will take on number two seed, Florida. Good luck to both of our Orange County stars.*****Welcome to Michael King, 45, who was picked to be the new superintendent at Bridge City ISD. He and his wife and two school age daughters are moving to Bridge City. Their son recently graduated from Longview High School. Like Jamie Harrison, King started out as a basketball coach at Kirbyville. School board member Becky Rutledge and husband David hosted the three finalist and board members over the weekend. As W.T. Oliver’s step-daughter, “Bear” learned a lot about entertaining and it starts with the stomach and meals with several courses. Everyone got to know the finalist and their brides really well but in the end, they felt King was the best fit. I have a feeling he would have been Jamie’s choice also.*****Congrats to Judge Joe Parkhurst, who was hired as Pinehurst City Administrator. Joe has had a varied background. He was raised in the Cove, attended Bridge City High and Sam Houston. He was in education most of his life before serving as Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace. Now he’s on course to grow Pinehurst as it’s new administrator. We wish our friend the best.*****Speaking of J.P.s, Judge David Peck has been cutting no slack to child molesters. He hit one with a million dollar bond and this week, set a $500,000 bond on a molester of a four-year-old girl. The Judge has no tolerance for molesters and those who would mistreat the elderly.*****The Dallas Mavericks won the franchises first NBA championship by beating the Miami Heat in six games. In the last game, in Miami, they skunked the powerful Heat 105-95. The Heat, with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, have the highest payroll in the NBA. Those three hired guns were supposed to build an unbeatable dynasty. Put together by Pat Riley, the team was billed as the ultimate team of the future. They went down the drain when they pitted talent against Dirk Nowitzki, Kidd, Terry and company. Las Vegas also took a beating by making Miami a big favorite. *****Special folks celebrating birthdays this week are as follows. Senior among all of them is a good buddy and a prince of a guy, Wilson “King” Dunn, who turns 93 on June 16. He is blessed with a great mind and good health. We wish this active guy many more good years.***Also celebrating June 16 is longtime friend Beverly Perry. She’s beaten the odds. Here’s wishing her continued smooth sailing.*** Kee-Kee and Nancy Dupuis’ special son Adam, celebrates his 33rd birthday June 15. He’s special in many ways and is a real kick. Kee-Kee says, “Adam will do to ride the range with.”***James Neihe celebrates on June 15.***Mary Alice Cole Heartfield, a real sweetheart, through the years has been one of our “bestest” friends. Happy birthday and good wishes on June 17.***Brandy Slaughter, the gal about town, who can be spotted at most civic functions while doing some work at David Self Ford, will be a beautiful 41 on June 18. Keep on trucking.***County Commissioner, David Dubose and John Cooper both celebrate on June 21. Now folks, there’s a couple of aces to draw to.”.***FaceBook friends celebrating birthdays. On June 15,  Susan Sehon and Stephen Goldstein celebrate; June 16, Mike Allison; June 17, Cassie McCelland; June 18, Donny Guillory; June 19, Jewel Chaddrick; June 20, Randy Peveto; June 21, Dana Johnson. Happy birthday to all.***Last week we missed the 42nd wedding anniversary of Marlene and Sheriff Keith Merritt. They started out young and it’s lasted. Best wishes for many more.*****What a fish. See sports for the big Red that Blaze Montagne caught.*****Congrats to Allison Angelle, named to all state softball team. She will follow in her sister’s footsteps and attend Port Arthur Lamar. Brother Kevin also attended college on a baseball scholarship. All are very talented youngsters with great parents.*****Our friends Mayor T.W. and Lyndia Permenter are finally new great grandparents after sweating out two weeks in Kentucky. Raphael Celine Latiolais arrived on June 6, at Fort Campbell. The cute little girl is the daughter of Morgan and Brian Latolais. Other grandparents are Parris and Roy Bird, Kathy and Darrell Latiolais. Congrats to all.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week. Robert’s next. This Wednesday, the Bunch will celebrate Wilson “King” Dunn’s 93rd birthday. Also celebrating is pretty Brandy Slaughter. Everyone is invited. Uncle Jim, the Wagon Master, at Novrozsky’s will host the party, cake and all.*****Harry’s Appliance is having a storewide inventory reduction sale. It’s a good time to buy. They deliver and service everything they sell. Good folks.

On June 15, James Belushi will be 57;***Helen Hunt will be 48; Courteney Cox, 47 and Ice Cube, 42.***Yasmine Bleeth will be 43 on June 16.***Barry Manilow will be 65 on June 17 and Venus Williams, 31.*** Paul McCartney will be 69 on June 18; Isabella Rossellini, 59 and Kurt Browning, 45.***June 19, Phylicia Rashad will be 63; Ann Wilson, 61; Kathleen Turner, 57 and Paula Abdul, 49.***Martin Landau will be 82 on June 20; Olympia Dukasis, 80; Lionel Richie, 62; John Goodman, 59 and Nicole Kidman, 44.***Prince William will be 29 on June 21; Doug Savant, 47; Meredith Baxter, 64 and Juliette Lewis, 38.

Letter from Cuzzin Sostan
I wanted to let you know da sad story about my friend who had a bad day.
Because it was so hot outside Tee Ray Migues brought his motorcycle in the living room to work on and clean wit rags and gasoline. Wen he finished him, he sat on the bike and started it to make sure everyting was okay. Da darn bike started in gear, crashed into da glass patio door wit Tee Ray still hanging on to da handlebars.
His wife Una Mae came running and found Tee Ray laid out on da patio, cut up bad from da glass him.  911 transported Tee Ray to da hospital and after dey sewed him up, Una Mae say, “Migues, dat’s wat you get for being so crazy and bring you bike in da house.” Una Mae her, cleaned up his mess and dumped the bowl of gasoline in da toilet and put da rags in da laundry.
After Tee Ray took a nap, he lit a cigarette and den sat on da pot and put da cigarette butt in da toilet. The damn ting exploded, blew Tee Ray rat out da bashroom door. Una Mae found Tee Ray on da floor, trousers blown away, his shorts on fire and a bad burned butt.
Da same two paramedics arrived, loaded Tee Ray on da strecher and axe Una Mae wat happened. After she tole dem, dey laughed so hard dey dropped da stretcher and broke Tee Ray’s collarbone.
Dey are keeping him in da hospital so he don’t hurt himself no more.

The congressman’s friends have turned up the heat, now Weiner is burnt so bad he will have to be cast aside. Weiner is well roasted and will have to go. Men do stupid things don’t they? He blew his career and most likely being mayor of New York, by sticking it out for the world to see. *****Gov. Perry is touring the airways from California to New York hoping in the end to be picked for VP and follow in the footsteps of Sarah Palin by going on the talking circuit and making a lot of money.*****Well, I’ve got to get out of here. Special thanks to our family of advertisers, the good folks who bring you this paper. Look them over and patronize them when you can. I’m looking for the “Rainmaker” to bring us much needed rain. Thanks for your time, mine is up. Take care and God bless.