Wednesday at approximately 12:30 am, Orange police were dispatched to 111 Pine St., in reference to the front door of an apartment being kicked in. Upon arrival, Officer Jeffery Busby spoke with the victim, who told him that a black man had kicked the door in.

Officer Davis went to the apartment where the suspect lives, and knocked on the door. A black male answered the door, and police smelled the strong odor of burnt marijuana from inside the apartment.

When the man, who was identified as 29 year old Darrell Powell, was questioned as to why the apartment smelled of burnt marijuana, the man told police that he had just finished smoking “weed”.

Police then asked Powell if he knew the suspect from the criminal mischief call and he replied it was his cousin. Powell also told police his cousin was not in the residence. Police asked if they could check the residence and Powell gave consent.

Once inside the residence, multiple baggies of marijuana and two bottles of liquid codeine were found in the living room and kitchen area. Powell later admitted that the drugs were his, and that he did not have a prescription for the codeine.

Powell was placed into custody for felony possession of marijuana, and codeine. He was transported to the Orange County Jail and booked.