Thursday evening, Orange police were dispatched to the 2900 block of Bear Trails, in reference to an intoxicated man causing a disturbance. When Officer Caleb Davis arrived on the scene, he found Captain Enmon had already detained a man outside the residence.

Captain Enmon said that the man appeared to be intoxicated, and a danger to himself and others.

The man was unable to walk correctly, and nearly fell several times while being escorted to the officer’s patrol car. He also seemed to be confused about his location, and was very disoriented and confused on the date and time of day.

After Officers placed the man in the patrol car, they made contact with the home owner, who gave verbal consent to search his son’s room. The man told police he had found a colorful glass pipe, containing a leafy, green substance in it on the kitchen floor. The man said he saw his son with it prior to police arriving on the scene.

Upon entry to the son’s room, police observed a small plastic bag with a green, leafy substance in it. This item was found on the floor near the closet entrance, and inside the closet was a similar looking substance in a plastic container.

The items were seized as evidence, and the man was transported to the Orange County Jail.