We take for granted everyday that we are free. One just needs to watch the evening news to see people who are being oppressed around the globe. God bless the United States.*****Ms. Pearl submitted her Fourth of July poem this week, I really enjoyed it and know you will too.*****”Neighbor Cox did his Indian midnight dance and it brought the slow rain he promised. His new rain gauge showed two inches. My old gauge just showed a little over an inch. Not near enough but even that small amount did a lot of good. I spoke with a farmer out of Mauriceville yesterday. He got four inches of rain and that was too much. I’m not sure if it’s global warming, but I’m sure it’s not good. Floods, fires, tornadoes, droughts, these aren’t normal times.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week and back at Robert’s next. A great bunch of folks. No one gets rowdy; Sheriff Merritt keeps the law. Everybody is welcome to break bread and pass a good time.*****I’ve got a long way to go. Hop on and come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


We had predicted several months ago that gas prices would come down because they had to. The Obama Administration tried to get the Congress to go along with putting pressure on the oil companies. When they refused, Obama went it alone, releasing 60 billion barrels from our reserves to speed up the lowering of gas prices at the pump. He was criticized by Congress that claimed it wasn’t an emergency. That’s like saying the “Rainy Day Fund” in Texas, shouldn’t be tapped. Instead the Perry Administration cut $4 billion from school finance and billions from health care. Education in Texas has taken a long lasting blow.
Most analysts say economic growth will perk up in the second half of the year. High oil prices and manufacturing delays, because of the Japan disaster, kept things slow. Storms and rising gas prices also kept growth down in the first four months of 2011. The economy has to grow three percent a year just to hold the unemployment rate steady and keep up with population growth. It has to average five percent growth for a year to lower the unemployment rate by just one percent. It’s 9.1 percent today. In the six months before Obama took office, we lost two millions jobs and were losing 700,000 jobs a month. This rate had to be stopped and then reversed to start bringing down unemployment. For the final six months of this year, economists forecast a growth rate of 3.9 percent, which is not enough to gain on unemployment, but the hole doesn’t get any deeper. The main drag on the economy, gas prices, are moving downward, not fast enough to free up consumer spending however. We were in a deep recession two years ago and there is no magic wand that can make the economy well over night, regardless of who is President. The hole was just too deep. The Bush tax plan and loopholes to the nation’s top earners didn’t produce one job; instead it sent the economy in a tailspin. Big corporations and executives earnings jumped to all-time record highs. Meanwhile, the country saw record unemployment, proof that giving a tax break to the one percent of the wealthiest doesn’t create jobs, it just adds to the deficit. The argument is if you take away the free tax gifts then you are raising taxes. Doesn’t make sense to me. The country should come first and that is the solution.

12 Years Ago-1999

Four beautiful women, all under the age of 63, some much younger, lost their husband’s in the last year. All were married to dynamic men, well know and respected in the community. Ann Oliver lost W.T, Janice Menard lost Bobby, June Gregory lost Fred and Dayle Gunn lost Buzzie. Ann said, “I even miss W.T.’s corny jokes that he told over and over, I’d give anything to hear him tell them again.”***June was married to “Freddy” for 39 years. “I had known him since I was 12, she said, he was my first boyfriend, we married when I was 22.” They had two children, Sharon and Darin. ***Dayle met Buzzie Gunn at dancing school. She was 17, he was 21. They were married 36 years. He called out to her and when she found him he said, “I feel like I’m gonna pass out.” He went down, Dayle called 911. A neighbor, Sam Moore, came over but couldn’t revive him. It was a massive heart attack. “Buzzie touched many lives. I always thought he would live forever. He was so dynamic and outgoing and gave much of himself to others,” Dayle said. ***For Janice, loss was not new but it wasn’t any easier. Her daughter, Julie died in January 1990. Like Bobby’s death, it was unexpected and sudden. In January eight years later, Bobby just pushed his dinner plate aside and his head went down on the table. “He was the love of my life,” Janice says. “We’d been married 40 years.” Janice and Bobby grew up three blocks from each other in the Cove. “I fell in love with him when I was 17 and am still in love with him.” (Editor’s note: Over a dozen years have gone by. Those four ladies are still beautiful and special women. All of them coped with their loss in their special way but for the most part, their faith helped them get through the rough spots. After Buzzie’s death Dayle said, “There is no formula for coping, my faith sustained me. The power of prayer helps. I believe God has a plan for everyone.” Last year Dayle married longtime friend Stump Weatherford. ***Janice said 12 years ago, “I cope with my faith, I couldn’t have made it without God in my life. I spent a lot of time on my knees.” Janice is now Judge Menard, J.P. She’s still single.***Ann, a few years ago, remarried her first husband and father of their three children. After Miles Hall’s longtime wife died, he and Ann rekindled their old flame. Their original family is together again, with a lot of grandkids added. ***June has not remarried, but still calls Bridge City home. Coping after Fred was hard but she had a lot of friend support. Folks from St. Paul Methodist and those ladies she called her “Steel Magnolia friends.” “Stay busy, she says, you get tired and sleep better.” I admire all those young widows who have made the best of life with the hand dealt them. Life is uncertain. W.T., Bobby and Buzzie all died with in seconds, with no warning. Fred was a gallant fighter who fought cancer to the end. With the exception of Bobby, those guys played an important part in this writer’s life. All of their widows are special friends. Time and life moves on, never knowing what tomorrow will bring.)*****On Saturday, July 3, 1999, Charlie Guidry, 71, passed away. He would have been 72 on July 28. *****Becky and David Rutledge are new grandparents. That makes Ann Oliver Hall a great grandmother. Mark and Erin Shaw named the little beauty Reilly Page Shaw, 6 pounds, 11 ounces. *****Paul Cormier celebrates his 80th birthday at Jewel Cormier Park. His birthday is July 4.*****Dewayne “Toby” Marsh turns all of 28 years old.*****Al Judice is admitted to the hospital with 103 degree fever caused by an infected foot.*****Wilford Walles and Dr. John Fukuda saved a young boy from being a drowning victim. Wilford retrieved the youngster from the bottom of a canal on June 27 at the corner of Strapper and Holly in Bridge City. Two young boys stopped him, screaming their little brother was at the bottom of the canal. Wilford, not a good swimmer, jumped in and found him in the mud. Dr. Fukuda just happened along. The child appeared dead but Fukuda worked on him for a long time, turning him over and over, pumping and beating. Finally a lot of water poured from the kid and he took a breath. Fukuda called 9-1-1 from his cell. The boy was saved. Do you know who that youngster is?


Jana Fisette, Lester Morris, Nancy George, Cobey Sonnier, Rebecca Griffin, Barbara Mulhollan, David Sandlin, Katie Keneson, Chris Huebel, Nancy Wood, Beverly Haggard, Mary Beth McClure, Roy McDonald, Sonya Jarreau, Deanna Shuford, Eula Waters, Frances Osborn, Betty Derrick, Charlie Learned, Dian Arnold, Jeff Eby, Lisa Wilson, Amber Fisette, Marla LeMoine, Maria Garcia, Brennon Mitchell, Elizabeth Williams, Mary Martell, Nancy Dupuis, Thomas Findlay, Betty Richard, Jeanne Donahey, Kathy Simmons, Ellen Ray, Lillie Mae Henderson, Kathie Wilson, Katy Maloney, Kellie Derouen, Pat McCombs, Shane Hanks, Susie Bickham, Charlotte Pruter, Billy Boehme, Debbie Moreau and Donna Dohmann.


Often when I think the day is going down hill, I get an e-mail from Karen Jo that usually brings a smile and brightens the day. *****I also hear from Craig Stark from time to time. We don’t see him much but I believe he’s still on Adams Bayou, living the good life. *****I hadn’t seen Sam Carpenter Jr., in some time but last week, he stopped by while on patrol for the West Orange P.D. Sambo, the great Bridge City running back, is now the father of three and one more on the way. His dad was the famous Stark High and Lamar record setting running back. Sammy died a few years ago. I understand there’s a Sam III coming up. *****I understand also that Harold Haas has landed the Rose City police chief’s job. I knew Harold was up to something. We wish him good luck. *****Speaking of law enforcement, I hear major Brad Frye, Bridge City P.D. arrested a five-foot alligator on Texas Ave. for making a left hand turn. Someone said the Major had to wrestle the gator to get cuffs on him before transporting him to Bailey’s marsh. A picture appears somewhere in this issue. *****The best investigator of all, “Colombo” Peter Falk, 83, died last week, June 23. His famous line before going out the door was “Ahhh, there’s just one more thing.”*****Crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger, 81, was busted in Santa Monica, Calif. and returned to Boston. He had been on the lamb 16 years. There’s some concerned FBI agents. Six agents have already been convicted of corruption by “Whitey.” Could there be more? Glen Oliver’s daughter lives just down the street from where Bulger lived for the last 10 years. He was holding $800,000 in cash. He left no paper trail and paid cash for everything. He ran the famous “Winter Hill” Irish mob and is charged with 19 murders. *****The biggest bull-riding rodeo of the year will be held on July 23 at the Longhorn Arena. Coleman Peveto says great stock and the country’s best bull riders will participate. That’s at The Longhorn, 7:30 till. I plan on being there to see that bull that’s never been ridden and the cowboy who claims the bull will meet its match. *****Country singer and session guitarist Glen Campbell announced, in advance of his final tour, that he has Alzheimer’s. The veteran singer, 75, was diagnosed six months ago. For more than 40 years he has had one of the most instantly recognizable voices. Born in rural Arkansas, he made famous songs like Rhinestone Cowboy, By the Time I Get to Phoenix, Galveston, Houston, Gentle on My Mind, Wichita Lineman and so many more. Campbell’s final CD, “Ghost on the Canvas” is scheduled for release Aug. 30. He also is preparing for the worldwide Glen Campbell “Goodbye” tour. He once had his own television show on CBS, “The Good Time Hour” and appeared opposite John Wayne in the original “True Grit” movie. The Alzheimer’s Society applauded Glen for speaking out about his condition. *****Special folks we know who are celebrating their special day. Longtime friend, Judge Pete Runnels will be a year older on July 3. We’ve known him since he was in short pants. That’s a long time ago. Best wishes Judge.***On June 29, pretty Barbara Mulhollan will celebrate her special day. Barbara is still working for attorney Jerry Pennington. She always looks her best and is not near ready for the retirement home. Keep on truckin’ and here’s wishing you many more.***A lovely lady, Elizabeth Williams, celebrates her birthday July 2. She and Dr. Williams have contributed so much to the community. We wish Ms. Elizabeth the happiest of days.***KeeKee’s better half Nancy Dupuis marks another one July 2.***Ellen Ray seems ageless even though her birthdays still roll around. She celebrates on July 3***Dwayne “Tobby the Clown” Marsh celebrates on firecracker day, July 4.*****FaceBook friends celebrating this week. Ann Lieby, June 29; Donna Hodgkinson and Rebecca Day, June 30; Lisa Wilson, July 2; Ginger Fox, July 3; Deana Laughlin and Marla Zernal, July 4; Kim Peveto, Paulette Bolyard, Oma Hubbard and Chad Kelly, July 5. Happy birthday to all. *****Ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was convicted on 17 of 20 charges. Rod is the second straight governor convicted of corruption. George Ryan, governor before him, is now serving over six years in federal prison. I believe Rod will get eight to ten years. Most experts believe it will be up to 15 years.*****I really get scared when extreme right George Will goes to blowing Rick Perry’s horn. George is against everything that looks like it might help the poor and middle class.*****I’ve watched most of the college world series games. South Carolina has impressed me every step of the way. They play so smart. They hang around until they can capitalize on any opportunity. They never quit and make few mistakes. Monday night, Florida led by one point most of the game. South Carolina kept hanging around until they put the game away 2 to 1 in the 13th inning. It will surprise me if they don’t repeat as champions. I believe they would give the Astros a pretty good game.*****Orangefield grad, Bobcat track coach and former Silsbee head baseball coach Todd Tranhan has been named head baseball coach of the Bobcats by A.D. Brian Huckaby. He will replace Jeff Bennett, who flew the coupe for Kirbyville. A lateral move I still don’t quite understand. Best of luck to coach Todd.***** “Texas Monthly” is out with it’s best and worse legislatures. Our guy Mike Hamilton made the dishonorable list. Mike is a pretty nice guy but not affective. He’s moving on to a specially carved district. His going won’t be that big a loss.*****Billy the Kid’s portrait brought $2.3 million at auction. The tintype is believed to have been taken in 1879 or 1880 in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. Tintypes were an early form of photography that used metal plates. They are reverse images, that is what led to the mistaken belief that Billy the Kid was left handed. This inspired the 1958 movie, “The Left Handed Gun” starring Paul Newman as Billy. The reverse tintype showed the Kid wearing his gun on the left, which actually was the right. Now you know the rest of the story.*****On July 2, 1937, 73 years ago, Amelia Earhart attempted to make a trip around the world with navigator Fred Noonan. The plane disappeared off the face of the earth that day. The mystery of her disappearance belongs to the ages. Future generations will ponder the why and where of Amelia’s last flight. Sidenote: Amelia Thrailkille was born at home in Shangri-La, in Orange. She was named for Amelia Earhart. Today we know her as “Skipper” Free, she’s still flying but now she’s flying low.


On June 29, Gary Busey will be 67; Nicole Scherzinger, 33.***Mike Tyson will be 45 on June 30; Michael Phelps, 26 and Ralf Schumacher, 36.***Dan Aykroyd will be 59 on July 1; Jamie Farr, 77; Pamela Anderson, 44 and Missy Elliott, 40.***Michelle Branch will be 28 on July 2; Johnny Weir, 27; Ashley Tisdale, 26 and Lindsay Lohan, 25.***Montel Williams will be 55 on July 2; Tom Cruise, 49; Connie Nielsen, 46 and Patrick Wilson, 38.***Huey Lewis will be 61 on July 5.


Bosco Comeaux him, had a bad accident out of Crowley, on Hwy. 13 in Vermillion Parish. An 18-wheeler caused the wreck when it ran a stop sign. In judge E.J. Bouillion’s court in Abbeville, the truck company’s fancy, big-town lawyer was questioning Bosco. Da lawyer axe, “Mr. Comeaux, didn’t you say at the scene of da accident, ‘I’m fine’?”
Bosco said, “Let me told you wat happen, me I had jus loaded my favorite mule Bessie into da,”
Da lawyer interrupted, “I didn’t axe for any details, jus answer da question, didn’t you say at da scene, ‘I’m fine’?”
Bosco said, “Me, I had jus got Bessie in da trailer and I was driving down da road,”
Da lawyer interrupted again, “Judge, I am trying to establish da fact dat dis man tole da state policeman, at the scene, dat he was jus fine, now he is suing my client. I believe he is a fraud, please tell him to answer da question.”
By dis time, judge Bouillion was interested in Bosco’s answer and said, “I’d like to hear wat he has to say bout his favorite mule Bessie.”
Bosco, him, tank da judge and proceeded, “I had loaded Bessie, my favorite mule, and was going down da highway wen dis semi-truck ran da stop sign and smacked my truck rat in dat side. Me, I was thrown in one ditch and poor Bessie was thrown in da utta. Me, I was hurting real bad and didn’t want to move at all but I could hear po Bessie moanin and groanin, she was in bad shape her. A state policeman drove up, heard po Bessie groanin, went over to her, looked, pulled his gun and shot her rat between da eyes. Den he came across da road wit his gun in his hand and axe, ‘How you doing you?’ Now Judge, wat da hell would you say hanh?”


On July 1, Judge Pat Clark will mark 37 years at the Orange County Court House. He went to work as first assistant district attorney. He was hired by D.A. Jim Sharon Bearden on that July day in 1974. The rest is history. He became the County Court at Law Judge, served for many years as 128th District Court Judge and recently retired to accept a county judgeship. Judge Pat, the son of Junior Clark, has that special East Texas quality. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he just married well. Mostly he’s known not to be a spend thrift. Someone said he would squeeze the pupu out of a Buffalo B. Recently he and “Jivin’ Gene Bougioes were roommates at a Holy Family Retreat. Larry Judice, Gene’s nephew, was on the retreat also. I bet those Cajuns gave the judge a run for his nickel. Three great guys I’m proud to call friends.*****Well, I best get out of here. Have a safe July 4th weekend. Check us out daily on our website,, for breaking news. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.